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“Good morning people of Italy! Hello, yes. I got laid last night! Yes, I did. You ma’am, you should get laid tonight. I highly recommend it. You too Sir!”

Giacomo walks into the bedroom. “Dio mio, George, what are you doing?”
“Talking to the locals.”
“These are my neighbors, you silly lad.”
George grins. “They need to know you’re a stud.”
Giacomo blushes. “They don’t need to know that. Especially Mrs. Russo.”
“But you are so good in bed and we don’t have a town crier, so what am I supposed to do?”
Giacomo pulls George close and reaches back to cup his buttcheeks in each hand. “I’ll have to fuck you until you scream raw or I can gag you.”
George gasps. “Is both an option?”
“It is. Tell me, how long is your tourist visa again?”
“30 days, but my flight leaves in four days.”
Giacomo thinks. “Extend it. I’ll take you to the country. We can fuck in a very lovely field and my mum will make you fat.”
George smiles. “Will there be locals I can brag to?”
“Well some, but every time you open your mouth, my mum will put food in it, so I think we’re safe.”
“I think I like this idea. Consume calories, burn calories.” George chews on his lip. “You’re ok being attached to a bumbling, horny, American tourist for the next week?”
“If by attached, you mean because my cock is in you? Yes. And I like having you around. You’re entertaining. You comment on everything with wonder…even sometimes when you’re not supposed to. Where are you from again?”
George makes a face. “Flower Mound, Texas.”
“What is a mound?” Giacamo tilts his head.
“A very small hill.”
“What a strange name for a town. Do flowers not grow anywhere else?”
”Oh they do.”
“How strange. Is it an ok place to live?”
George thinks. “It’s safe, middle class, and boring. And there aren’t hot Italian men there who seduce me at discos and lure me into their rooms with bread and wine.”
“Sounds like a sad place for a mound,” Giacomo says. He kisses George on the lips. “I need to inform you that you need a bath, young man. Come, I have the best soap to lather you up in.”
“mmnnmmnn. Can we eat bread and drink wine after?”
“Yes we can. With cheese, of course.”
“God I love Italy.”
“I do my best to represent my nation.”
George pecks Giacomo on the lips again. “I feel very welcomed.”

Captions are fictional.


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