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“Hey! AJ, Manny, you guys made it.”
AJ waved. “Heey there you are!”
Tanner gestured to the empty chairs at the table. “Sit sit. Did your car break down or something? You said you were just gonna jump in the shower and head over.”
“Uhhhh…” AJ glanced at Manny.
Manny couldn’t help but grin. “Well, let’s just say we got extra clean before we came over here.”
Tanner rolled his eyes. “Regretting asking. I do not want to hear about my brother’s sex life.”
Manny picked up a menu. “Oh, well in that case, let me talk about mine. A really cute American boy made out with me and gave me a-”
“Oh god please stop.” Tanner begged with his hands held up, which made AJ giggle. “No please.”
Tanner’s girlfriend returned from the bathroom. “Oh hey the boys are here.” She stopped right before sitting down. “AJ, does the hickey on your neck have something to do with why you’re late?”
“Guilty,” AJ admitted. “Manuel sometimes puts the man in maneater.”
Manny brought his teeth together with a click and said, “Rawr.”

Tanner covered his face with his hands. “I don’t deserve this.”
Sarah blinked as the couple dissolved into giggles. “What did I miss?”
“My little brother is being dramatic because I get laid sometimes,” AJ teased.
“He’s my brother, it’s gross,” Tanner insisted.
Sarah sat down and smirked. “We could always get back at them by telling them what we did on the sofa they sit on when they visit.”
Tanner and AJ gasped at the same time and put their hands over their chests, which made Manny burst out laughing. The brothers were 16 months apart; although they often acted like twins, they couldn’t have more opposite personalities. It was a never ending source of entertainment for Manny when they were together.

The waitress came over to deliver drinks and collect the new orders. “Here’s your …” Her eyes swept over the table. “Everything alright?”
“Yes, fine. My brother is tormenting me,” Tanner said.
AJ stuck out his tongue.

They collected themselves and ordered. The waitress cracked her gum. “Got it. I’m gonna go put this in.”
Tanner and AJ’s gaze connected. “No!” Tanner pointed. “No you don’t. Don’t you dare!”
“That’s what he said!” AJ crowed.
“Gaaaah!” Tanner threw his head back in exasperation. 

Captions are fictional.


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