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Daniel glanced out the window to check on the boys in the backyard. They’d been out there a while. He was not expecting to see his son Tucker making out with his ‘friend’, that boy Jon who had been new at his school this year.  Daniel was also not expecting Jon to be grinding against Tucker in wet underwear. He drew the blinds back and stepped away from the window. 

Daniel stood there, staring at the blinds trying to process this. “Well, I guess he inherited the gay half of his father’s bisexuality at least,” he muttered. He sat down at his desk. “Oh crap, I gave him the wrong birds and bees talk. He’s probably been looking up gods knows what on the internet…” Daniel rubbed his face with his hand. 

He reached for his cell phone and found the right contact. 
“Daniel! Nice to hear your voice.”
“Hey Nate. Likewise, your baritone is sexy as always, you doing phone sex yet?”
Nate snorted. “Well my stocks are looking pretty bad, but not that desperate yet. Why, you looking to be in a scene?”
Daniel scoffed. “Emma would kill me.”
“Yeah she would. Well you didn’t call me to propose porn, so what’s up?”
Daniel leaned back in the chair. “Sooo Tucker is currently making out with another boy in my backyard.”
Nate bellowed out a laugh. “You sound so indignant.”
“I didn’t need to see that. He’s practically humping that kid while they’re standing up in the sprinkler.”
“Kid? How old is he?”
“They’re both 17,” Daniel muttered.
“Ah teenagers.”
“Yes. Teenagers.”
“And you’re calling me because…?”
 “I need someone to give him the different version of the birds n bees talk than the one I gave him.”
Nate snickered. “Why me? You’ve been through the motions. We had a lot of fun in that hotel room in Cancun. Man, you were so hairy, I loved it. Sometimes I still wonder…”
“Nathaniel, honestly! We were in our 20s. You can’t possibly still be horny for me now.”
“Sweetheart, I’d fuck you in a second if you asked.”
Daniel didn’t respond to that immediately. “Well. That’s some new information.”
“Sorry, didn’t mean to make it weird. You gotta gray fox thing going on. Don’t think I didn’t notice. But I know you got Emma, and I had my time, so I’ll be a good little gay boy and back off.”
“Thanks Nate, you were always a gentleman. I appreciate the confident boost at least. But seriously, I can’t give my son this talk. You need to do it. He needs a gay role model. Emma’s family is so… so…”
“Eeyaah. And my family is so….uh….”
“Yeah.” Daniel sighed. “Please Nate. Teach my son before he goes off to college.”
“I would be honored. I will give him the proper education a young queer boy needs. Well start with a banana and condom and go from there.”
“Thank you Nate. I’ll give you some money if you need anything.”

They talked a bit about setting a time for Nate to come over, and then Daniel hung up. Perhaps out of morbid curiosity, Daniel peeked out the window again. The boys were now lying on top of each-other in the wet grass, Jon’s hips grinding down on Tuckers. Daniel quickly withdrew. “Fuck,” he muttered. His face felt warm. “I hate how much that Jon kid looks like Nate.”

Daniel walked over to the bookshelf and looked at a group photo taken at Cancun all those years ago. He picked it up and gazed at the tanned faces. “Man, Nate. It should have been you, but you know that right? I can’t let you fuck me again because it would be the end of my entire life. The sex would be great but not the damage it would cause. But you get a chance to teach Tucker he won’t be forced to pick one side of his sexuality just because he wants to start a family. That’s good enough isn’t it?” The Nate in the picture smiling back didn’t answer.
Daniel put the photo back and returned not to his desk, but to bottle of whiskey he kept next to the coffee bar in his office. He took a swig and returned it to its home. The alcohol relaxed his muscles. Daniel exhaled and returned to his seat. 
He put on his headphones, went back to finish what he was working on. The boys needed their privacy. If Tucker had inherited his dad’s tendencies, he probably also inherited his habit of being loud. 

Captions are fictional.


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