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FARM After Work Time 🚜🚜🛠🐃🐃🧢🌽💦💦

Coby paused a moment before interrupting John’s rest, although he knew John had already heard his footsteps coming up. No matter how many times he saw John shirtless, it was still amazing. There were some lambs born that did not have as much hair as John had on a normal basis. He cleared his throat. 
“Brought you a cold beer, John.”
John lifted his ball cap. “We have beer? I thought we were out.” He took the can.
“No, the fridge was full last time, so I put the overflow in the fridge in the garage.”
“Huh.” John cracked the can, holding it over the dirt so it didn’t drip on him. “What a miracle.” He took a swig and exhaled. “Man that hits a spot after working cows all day. Thanks.”
Colby smiled demurely and clasped his hands behind his back. 
John sat back in the chair with half the can left in his hand. He glanced at Colby and licked his lower lip to get the suds off. “Alright, you can get on.”

Colby made a little noise of victory under his breath. John pushed his fly open and brought his cock out. It was already half hard and it didn’t take much stroking to get it up to full mast. The head pushed out of the crown of skin. “Man, this thing is sweaty. You sure you want it?”
“Don’t bother me, it’ll just make it easier to ride. I’m already lubed, though.” Colby threw a leg over John’s lap.
John took a swig and set the can on the ground. “Man, slow down there Cowboy.”
“I’ve been waiting all day for you to come in from the fields. I’m done being patient.”
“Well be patient on my dick, or you’re going to bend something.”
Colby met his gaze while his other hand guided John’s cock to his whole. “I always go nice and slow with you don’t I? You’re too big for me to take right away…need to get used to you anyway.”
“Fucking hell.” John groaned as tight heat enveloped his cock. “You are never leaving his farm ya hear me? You’re just everything I ever need.”
Colby didn’t answer right away. His eyes were half closed and he was working on getting the rest of John into him by making slow motions up and down. “Well if you really mean that, do me a favor – get a better chair. I don’t want to have to explain to your mother in the ER that I need a tetanus shot after having sex.” 

John barked out a laugh. “Christ Colby, don’t bring up my mom during sex! I’ll get you a better chair, I promise. Now keep your mouth shut and focus on what you’re doing. No bending stuff.”
Colby smirked and sat down on John’s lap. “Copy, cowboy.” 
John groaned and his eyes rolled back in his head. “Sweet lord in heaven!”

Captions are fictional.


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