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“Look at your bulge. Such a nice bulge…damn, your cock is so perfect for your body size.”
“Thank you, Ryan, I appreciate that.”
“Mmn. Can I touch it?” Ryan pulled at the waistband of his shorts.
“Yeah you can.”
Ryan slid his hands down Mark’s underwear. He moaned as skin and skin made contact. “This always gives me goosebumps. Your cock is so huge and long, and somehow it’s loose in here, untamed. Unrestrained. I don’t know how to manage it. Fuck, feeling it is making me so horny.”
“If you want to give lip service, get on your knees and do it properly, Ryan. Do it well, and I’ll help you squirt a little to relieve the pressure. But you won’t cum, remember.”
“No Sir. Not without permission,” Ryan said in a hurry.
“I need you nice and horny in lock up for when I need your ass.”
“Yes sir, of course. I love soothing your needs.”
“You’re such a good boy Ryan, you please me so much. Come kneel here, take your time with it.”
“Yes Mark! Thank you!” Ryan rushed to kneel before his boyfriend. He returned to rubbing the curved shape in Mark’s shorts. “Oh your bulge is getting hard now.” He nuzzled it with his cheek. “I love it so much,” he murmured. “It’s so erotic.”
Mark chuckled. “It loves you too. Come on, service it properly please.”
“Ah, sorry, yes Mark. I will. It’s just sooo distracting.”
“I think you’re going to need some time with a dildo after this.”
“A dildo would definitely make me squirt!”
“You think you can make yourself squirt, using a dildo on yourself?”
Ryan thought. “I don’t know, but I can squirt with your cock in me. So I should be able to.” Ryan bit his lower lip and pulled down Mark’s shorts. “Fuck, goddamn. So much to reveal. Can I use a dildo and service you at the same time?”
“You’re not quite ready to multi-task yet, you keep neglecting one task or another. One thing at a time, boy.”
“Yes Mark. Thank you, you always know best when my head is foggy!”
“That’s why I’m here, to look out for you, love.”
Ryan gazed up at Mark with adoration before returning to his task of serving Mark’s increasingly erect cock. Mark lovingly stroked his hair as he worked. Ryan was such a good pet.

Captions are fictional.


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