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“Is he asleep?”
Royce nods. “He’ll be out for the night. I’m not far along behind him.” Royce rubs his face with his hand.
Devon smiles. “He will have sweet dreams. Did you lock him back up?”
“Nah. He’ll be soft for the next day or so anyway.  Time out to regain his shape will be good for his cock.”
Devon nods then sips his tea. “You did the same for me back then too. I remember my first hands free orgasm. I slept like a rock, but since all my muscles tensed up I was sore the next day.”
“I remember that too.” Royce smirks at him. “You were making so much noise, I thought you were in pain.”
“Well the cramping in my thighs did hurt, but the orgasm was better than it was painful. It was just a lot of sensation at once. Like all my nerves were firing at the same time.”
Royce adjusts the bathrobe over his nude body. “I’ll have to ask Toby if he felt that way tomorrow. The cramping, I mean.”
“Does it feel any different for you?” Devon asks.
“Does what feel different?”
“When you’re fucking a guy, and you give him an hands-free orgasm compared to one done with like touching or stimulation.”
“Well, every guy feels different, just in general. The way their body grips me, the way they respond to me, every boy is different.” Royce walks up to Devon and takes the cup from his hands. “But it is a little different when they have a powerful orgasm like that. It’s like having a live wire in my hands. You have to be able to push in deep against their prostate and keep it there, and sometimes it’s hard to hold position. Especially when I’m distracted by their pretty noises and the reflection of their cock spurting in the mirror.” He makes sure to lock eyes with Devon as takes a sip of tea from the mug before handing it back.

Devon smiles shyly. “You notice all that? I remember your eyes being closed.”
“Cause you weren’t watching me when you were coming. You only turned to look at me after the climax had broken,” Royce points out.
“Ahh. True.”

Devon taps his fingers on the side of the mug. “So…are you going to keep seeing him?”
The corner of Royce’s mouth lifts. “Are you jealous, pet?”
“Pfftt. No.”
“Well don’t be. He was a project. You brought him to me so I could show him what I showed you right?”
“Yeah, I wanted him to know what chastity and orgasms were like with it. He was curious. I honestly don’t think he’d ever had a decent orgasm in his life before this.”
Royce puts a hand on Devon’s thigh and leans over to kiss him. “I’m flattered you wanted to share that. I respect you trusting me, and I wouldn’t do anything so crass as toss you aside afterwards. Toby has been shown what he wants to be shown. He’s ready to be cut loose now that he’s had his…his…”
“Education?” Devon prompts.
“Yes. That.”
“But what if he wants to stick around? Be locked up again?”
“I’ll find him a suitable man to take care of him. But juggling both of your needs was a lot of work. You’re a handful enough, Devon.”
Devon chuffs air through his nose and sets the mug on the nightstand. “Thank you. You managed it gracefully though.”
“Thank you, sweetheart.” Royce yawns. “Fuck, I’m tired. I’m tired, my dick’s tired, my brain’s tired. Let’s go to bed.”
“Yeah, bed sounds nice. You know, I was just thinking, I am glad you didn’t fuck him in our bed tonight. Cause I would be jealous. And I’d be jealous if I had to share our bed with someone else. That bed is for us.” 
“Oh? You want me for yourself, pet?” Royce teases.
“At the end of the day? Yes. I love feeling you pressed up against my backside in the morning. Would be weird if someone else is there. Toby’s fun, but it’s not his cock I want to feel straining against my body, you know?”
Royce raises an eyebrow. “Fuck that’s, sexy.” He gives his own balls a jostle. “Wish there was anything left in here, cause you would be getting it right now.”

Devon grins. “I thought you were tired.”
“I am,” Royce laments. “It’s a shame. I owe you a fuck.”
“Mn. That’ll be nice to claim when I’m like ten days into lock up and stupid horny and you tell me to go play with my toys.”
“You make it sound like I’m mean to you.”
Devon laughs. “No. You never are. It’s the right thing to tell me. But you know, I’m spoiled. I want you all the time. I’m a demanding, jealous, needy boy.”
Royce pulls the sheets down. He’s smiling. “As I said, you are a handful. Come on you demanding, jealous, needy boy. I need something to cuddle.”
Devon finishes his tea and climbs into bed. “You want to take my underwear off?”
Royce groans. “Do I ever!”

Captions are fictional.


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