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He can’t meet your gaze for longer than a few seconds and lowers his face, cheeks showing a pink hue. You lift his chin with a crooked finger. 
“It helps with posture. Turn to face me. Feet shoulder width apart. Honey your shoulders are wider than that. You got meaty shoulders. Lift your chest up. Straight back, remember.” You walk behind him and run a finger down his spine. “Nice. Don’t hold your fingers, put your palm against the back of your other hand and curl your thumb around the meat of your other thumb. Good boy.”

You walk back around and face him. “Excellent. Memorize this position exactly. Remember, this isn’t a position of submission. This is a position of service. You look strong and ready. And you’re on display. Imagine how you’ll look naked.”
The color on his face brightens. You chuckle. “We’ll work on that.”

You consider him. “Yes. This is good. Already boy, you are ready to begin your training.” I watch for a flicker of hesitant on his face. There isn’t one. He hasn’t averted his gaze. I smile. He’ll be a gem once I’m through with him.

Captions are fictional.


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