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Pierce and Gunther share a moment on the bridge over the creek, enjoying the warmth of the sun. Pierce snuggles up against Gunther, feeling content in his arms. 
“Thanks for suggesting this nature preserve, I’m really enjoying our date, even though it’s cold,” Pierce says.
“Something nice about fresh air and sunshine, even in winter right?”
“I think it’s even nicer, because it’s so rare. It gets dark so early!”
“It does. We haven’t left the house much,” Gunther agrees. “Or had a lot of exercise. It feels like to walk around.”
“Mmhmm. Nice to have a change of scenery.”
“Yeah, I agree.” Gunther watches a small bird jump onto the railing of the bridge, look around, and fly off. They stand for a moment in silence. “So like, I’m fucking you when we get home right?
“Uh, I’d be disappointed if you weren’t.”
“No disappointment. I was thinking of doing what we did last week, where you kneel on that padded bench near the front door, and I fuck you on your spread knees in front of the window so the whole neighborhood can see how beautiful you are taking my cock?”
“Fuck,” Pierce groans. “It was so embarrassing but so hot knowing anyone could see us at any time. My cock was straining, and I came all over the glass!”
“You were so sexy, so pent up.” Gunther halts for the beat of a step before regaining his steady pace. “Fuck, I’m sorry Pierce, I haven’t been giving you enough physical attention at home have I? Maybe I’m too distracted with working from home. We should go on more dates, despite the fact it’s winter.”
“I’d like that. I think the Vitamin D will help with our energy levels a lot.”
“I am trying sooo hard to not make a “D is for dick’ joke right now.”
Pierce chuckles. “I thought the same thing.”
Gunther drops his embrace and the two continue walking down the nature path hand in hand.
“Do you wanna try using the warming lube this time?” Pierce asks.
“I think my ass is a block of ice.”

“Yeah I’m freezing. I like the idea of heating you from the inside out though. Going from shivering to sweating.”
Pierce looks at him. “You think you can make me sweat?”
“I know you can make me sweat.”
Pierce smirks. “Good. I’m going to hold you to that.”
“Next time we go on one of these walks, you want to try it with a plug in?”
Pierce’s eyebrows go into hairline. “You know how horny those things make me! I’d be hard in minutes!”
“You’ll just have to wear your tight jeans. And my long coat. Well if that’s the case, you won’t need underwear at all.” Gunther gives his boyfriend a wicked grin.
“Oh lord, you’re getting ideas now.”
“Oh many many ideas…I quite like the idea of finding a quiet place in the woods and gently teasing you through your tight jeans until you cum in them, and then you having to feel it cool as you walk home. Yeah, that’s making my pants feel quite tight.”
Pierce stares at him with wide eyes. “Fuck, I’m glad we’re not women, I’d be pregnant by spring.”
“Trust me Pierce, if you were a woman, I would have definitely gotten you pregnant already. Would have timed your cycle and bred you on the bed during your most fertile period.”
Pierce blushes hard. “My goodness,” he stammers.
“You know-”
“Oh god,” Pierce groans.
Gunther chuckles. Pierce is red up to his ears, and he has a feeling it’s not just cause of the cold. “We could still do that anyway. I read somewhere that guys have a fertility cycle. I know m-preg weirds you out.”
“Yeeeaah…that one fic I read in high school. Ugh.” Pierce shudders.
“Yeah, not that. But there’s no reason we couldn’t roleplay that you have like, a heat, for some reason. Like you’re half demon or something.”
“Demon? You think I’m demonic?” Pierce replies.
“You can be demonic sometimes. Like what you do with your fingers when I’m still waking up in the morning,” Gunther replies.
Pierce looks smug. “Guilty of that.”

Gunther glances at his partner. “So you’re down try some new stuff? Get out of the house more, and see what kind of fun we can have on our ~dates~.”
“Yeah. I’m down, but tou’re still fucking me over the bench when we get home right?”
“Oh yeah, definitely. I don’t have any lube now.”
Pierce snorts. “And if you did?”
Gunther looks behind him and gestures. “Didn’t see anyone around that bridge did I? Could of had you over the railing.”
“It’s in plain view! We can still see it from here!”
Gunther wiggles his eyebrows. “Guess we’d just have to go into the bushes.”
“Oh lord. You can go into the bushes!” Pierce gives him a playful shove, and they antagonize each-other all the way back to the car.

Captions are fictional.


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