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Calipher wipes his sword on a piece of shirt long torn off from another victim of his weapon. “I really need to wash this…” He tucks it away into a pocket and sheaths his sword. He steps over the reeking body of the bandit, striding forward half a dozen steps until he’s in front of Edward. “Well, here we are. Me, saving your arse, and you needing to he rescued.”
“Sorry,” Edward says with a restricted shrug. Only because of the gag, it comes out as “thorry”.
Calipher sighs. “I am have half a mind to tie you to the pack horse like a war captive so I won’t lose you.”
“It may help. Can you untie me please?”
“Hmm. No.”
Edward’s chin jerks up. “No?”
“Actually, I’m going to untie your legs.”
“Why my regs?” he asks.
“You were supposed to fuck me this morning. Did you forget that? You said you were going for a walk to ‘check the perimeter’ of our camp last night and got yourself kidnapped. Took all night and half this morning to bloody find you cause I can’t track worth shit. I haven’t slept cause I was worried about you and now I’m cranky and horny.”
Edward looks at the ground. “Thorry.”
“Next time you decide to try and raid a bandit’s campsite, make sure he’s not nearby first ok Edward?”
He nods sheepishly.
“You stupid, pitiful, handsome man. You must exasperate your mother.” Calipher bends over and removes the gag around his mouth.
“Oh thank god, thank you.” Edward works his jaw. “She often said that when I was a young lad.”
The knight uses his sleeve to dry his companion’s chin and offers him a sip of wine.
“Oh, yes wine. Praise the gods. Thank you.”
“Mhm.” Calipher tosses the wine bladder aside once he’s had a drink. He drops to his knees and begins to untie Edward’s legs. 
“How am I going to fuck you tied to a tree?” Edward asks.
Calipher pulls off his shoes. “With your dick.”
“Well, well yes but-”
He removes the metal greaves from the man’s shins and toss them to the side.
“Hey careful with those, don’t dent them.”
“That’s their whole purpose.”
Edward doesn’t know what to say to that.
The knight has undone the utility belt and leather faulds protecting Edward’s hips and he lets them drop. With a grunt of impatience, Calipher unbuttons his pants.  “Lift your arse.”
Edward digs his heels into his leaf litter and lifts his ass. Calipher pulls them clean off. “Ah it’s chilly out here” Edward remarks.
“Don’t shrink up now.”
“I can’t help it!”
“I have to do everything, really.” Calipher tosses his gloves to the ground. He scoots forward and takes Edward into his hand and pulls on his shaft. It’s soft and stubby, trying to hide, but still warm.
“Oh this is much better than being tortured by a bandit.”
“Mhmm. There we go, getting nicely stiff. Look at you grow, god you always surprise me how you nearly double in size.”
"You are really good at that,” Edward hisses.
“Nice and hard for me now… yeah like that. God you are beautiful all tied up and erect. See, this is sort of how I expected to find you. I hoped I’d find the bandit on the verge of deflowering you and I’d get to have a very dramatic entrance.”
“Sorry to disappoint you.”
Calipher smiles. “Try harder next time.”
Edward sticks his tongue out. “Hey hey put your hand back – why did you stop?”
Calipher stands up and begins to remove his clothes below the waist. He removes his scabbard from his hip and arrows from his back. When Calipher pulls the waistband down, his cockhead catches on the edge of it, then springs up and makes an audible sound as it smacks against his pelvis. Edward gulps. He instinctively tries to reach for it but the ropes hold him fast to the tree. He whines in frustration. “Curse you seven times!”
“Says the man tied to a tree,” Calipher teases.
Edward whines. “Eight times!”
“That will take you a while. Which pouch has the oil in it?”
“Oh? The left one.”
Calipher digs it out. It’s firm in the cooler temperatures, so he scoops some out and rubs it between this palms to soften it. He lubricates Edward’s cock, working it up and down his shaft. Edward lifts his hips against Calipher’s touches. He sighs. “Bless the gods.”
Calipher decides its enough and wipes his hand on Edward’s pants. Edward doesn’t even notice. He’s fixated on Edward standing up and his cock bouncing right at eye level. He darts out his tongue.
“You want that huh?”
“It’s beading at the tip.”
“Lick it off.”
Edward parts his lips and flicks out his tongue to clean it. Calipher pushes inside of his mouth. “Oh wow.” Edward sucks on the head of it while Calipher rocks against his tongue for a little while. Edward can feel his cock reaching rock hard firmness and it’s making him feel warm and uncomfortable. His own muscles are sore from being in a fixed position tied to this tree and his butt is going numb, but having his nose buried in Calipher’s wild public hair is a fine distraction.
“H-hey keep your tongue out of the slit or I’m going to cum.” Calipher runs his fingers through Edward’s hair. After a horridly short time, Calipher adds: “Ok I have to stop or I’m going to cum.” He withdraws his cock and Edward complains again. “Allow me to finish you at least?” He begs.
Calipher smirks. “You may have that.” He drops to his knees, straddling Edward’s lap, pausing only to position Edward’s cock into place before slowly lowering himself down.
At the breach, a joint cry from both men startles birds from trees. Edward digs his heels into the dirt again and pushes up. Calipher locks eyes with Edward. As he slowly sinks deeper and deeper he thinks how lovely his eyes are, such a warm brown flecked with gold. Edward furrows his brow, wondering what Calipher is thinking. Calipher closes his eyes and tilts his head back. After a painful epoch of time he takes the last inch with a strained keening noise. He rests, sitting on Edward’s lap, breathing purposely in slow deep breaths as he fights the urge to ride this man like a desperate whore instead of taking time to let his body adjust. Edward makes helpless whimpering noises; behind the tree he’s making fists with his hands.

“Are you ok?”
Calipher opens his eyes. They’re dark and shiny, and his cheeks flushed. His raw gaze makes the breath hitch in Edward’s chest. “I’m very ok, Edward. Cause I’ve gotten what was promised to me, and I’m quite pleased about it.”
“What would you have done if I was dead? Haunted my ghost for a fuck?”
“For eternity.”
“How faithful.”
Calipher chuckles.”I’m going to move now. Move with me?”
“I can’t, I’m tied to a tree,” Edward says dryly.
Calipher laughs. “Again I’m doing all the work.”
“Curse you nine times.”
“Oh we’re almost to ten.”
“God you’re as infuriating as you are beautiful.”
Calipher begins to move as if ride on a saddle in slow motion. “You think I’m beautiful?”
Edward blinks. “Yes, you stupid man. When you take your hair down at night and it spills across your cheek over your shoulders….” He shudders.
“Oh you shot a little! God that is erotic, feeling you spill your wetness in me. Curses, I can’t wait any longer. I need the rest of it.” Calipher puts his hands on Edward’s shoulders and rides him as if in full cantor. He ignores his own cock, cause well, he promised. Edward thrusts up the best he can. Their cries mix, growing in volume. Calipher’s thighs begin to quiver and Edward is nearly in tears from frustration at not being able to touch him. It’s a worse punishment then being flogged! “Cal,” he pleads.
Calipher’s muscles quiver as he tenses around Edward’s cock and draws him to the deepest depths of his body.
“Oh sweet heavens!” Edward gasps. He throws his head back and bangs it on the tree. He barely feels the pain; the orgasm goes through him like a bolt of lightening. “Sweeeeet fucking heavens!” he shouts. His balls hitch up and shoots his load after load up Calipher’s perfect arse. He may be tied to this tree but Calipher cannot restrain his seed, and yet as if by some magic trick, he’s still managed to mark that man as his own. “Mine,” he growls.
Calipher’s eyes widen. His face is fully pink and sweat shines on his brow. The spell breaks for Edward and he realizes what he’s said and gone red. What they have was supposed to be a casual relationship of convenience for this journey but… something has irrecoverably changed. A bridge perhaps crossed that cannot be found for the way back. Edward begins to soften. Calipher raises up to let him slide out and his warm seed spills over his cock. Edward gasps. “Ye gods, I gave you everything didn’t I?”
“And more, it feels. It’s running down my thighs in torrents.” Calipher uses Edward’s shoulders again for support and stands up with weak legs. His cock is deep red and straining. Edward seems stunned he’s still hard. Had they not ejaculated together?
“I promised you could finish me off, did I not?”
Edward nods and licks his lips greedily, impressed by the man’s stamina. He parts his dry lips and Calipher thrusts in with unrestrained need. Edward pulls him in, greedy for his scent again, and sucks with all his strength. Calipher thrusts against his tongue with his head tossed back. He explodes with a yell Edward’s heard him use in battle. It’s a struggle to swallow it all and some spills down his chin. He rubs his tongue around the head of Calipher’s cock, making him swoon and reach for the tree to brace himself. “Curse all the gods, Edward! Sweet fucking heavens, your tongue is such a torment.”

Sensing he’s sensitive, Edward relinquishes control and allows Calipher to withdraw. He nuzzles his man at the base of the shaft, and washes his balls with his tongue. Calipher sucks air in through his teeth as the cool breeze alights on wet skin. “What a sensation that is!”
“You like it?”
“Yes it’s – it’s quite something.” Calipher leans against Edward’s face, face in the crook of his arm, catching his breath. “Well – well, that-” he swallows. “Well I can safely say, you have paid your debt to me.”
Edward looks up at him. “I need a receipt.”
Calipher peers down at him through his crooked arm. “Could you even read it or should I just draw some crude pictures on it?”
”I’ll lie and say I’m fully illiterate just for the pictures.”
Calipher chuffs through his nose. ”Oh, I am spent.”
“I feel completely numb, Cal. Both in that lovely tingly way when your body is feeling right proud of itself for certainly having completed a successful breeding despite its sheer ignorance of where that load went, and also because I can’t feel my arms. Can you please untie me?”

Calipher snorts. “Yes.” He pulls the dagger out of his discarded boot, walks around the tree, and cuts his lover free. Edgar groans in relief and stretches his sore arms. “Ah there, now the blood’s my finger tips. All of it left to go to my cock.”
“Well you did deliver spectacularly.” Calipher also utilizes his dagger to remove some moss from a rock and uses it to clean up the cum streaking down his thighs. He yanks the yellow cloth off Edward’s belt that identifies him as a skilled tracker for hire and uses it to clean the both of them.
“You know, it took me two years to earn that yellow flag.”
Calipher looks at the cloth. “You silly bastard, you could have done it in far less time if you found me a white cloth and let me pee on it.”
“Curse you ten times!” Edward throws a shoe at him while Calipher cackles.
“Hey! Behave or I’ll tie you up again.”
“Behave or I’ll tie you up.”
Calipher raises an eyebrow. “Promise?”
“Well I would if you hadn’t cut the rope…”
“Oh yeah I did do that. Well, hopefully if we make it to town tonight – which we would have, without delays.
Edward rolls his eyes. “It was a remarkable delay though.”
Calipher folds his arms. “Actually, I will agree with you and concede my point. But if we can make it to town, we could buy rope. We should at least splurge for the bath house and a room in it. I have a feeling we’re both going to want to sleep on a padded mattress tonight.”
Edward groans at the thought. “A real bath.” He makes a noise of fake enlightenment. “Ah, I just realized – we’ll have to see each other naked. I’m not sure I can handle that, you see. I’ll be so embarrassed. I’m just a farm lad who gets so nervous around big strapping knights with big muscles and huge swinging pen – hey you can’t throw my own shoe back at me!”
“I can and I did! At least it wasn’t a greave!”
“Yes that would hurt-” Edward’s stomach interrupts them. “Ye gods, I’ve spent it all. We still have provisions back at camp?”
“We do but – you’re forgetting something.”
“What?” Edward gets to feet with some difficulty.
Calipher points to the dead bandit on the edge of the woods. “We get to raid his campsite now for snacks.”
Edward considers the unwashed man, the black edges to his nails, the dirt caked into his clothes “I am suspicious of his snacks.”
“Maybe we can take his coins to buy better snacks?”
Edward points a finger at Calipher. “See, that, that is why I travel with you.”
Calipher reaches out to pinch Edward’s cock. “No other reason?”
Edward swats his hand away. “Ha! Stopped you. And Nope. None. Zero. No reason at all why I travel with you. Nothing to do with my cock anyhow.”
Calipher throws his woolen sock at him and sticks out his tongue.

Edward sticks his tongue back. He watches Calipher dress and his face softens. “Cal?”
“Yes Edward?”
“Thank you for rescuing me. I had a very dark and lonely night out here, near beside myself at the thought of leaving this Earth without telling you first.”
Calipher glances up at him as he secures his sword belt around his waist. “You’re my tracker. If you left, I’d have to follow you.”

Edward is left so breathless and flustered by this comment, he puts his trousers on backwards and falls over in the process, putting a dent in his greave. “Oh curse you eleven times.”

Captions are fictional.


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