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Ori stood at the foot of the bed with his legs shoulder width apart, hands behind his back.  “House tasks complete, Sir.”
“You’re relieved of duty, boy.” Ishaan didn’t look up from his book. “Go prep for bed.”
“Thank you Sir.” Ori relaxed. He was a tad relieved Sir hadn’t asked him to prep for servicing, because he was worn out from running five miles and doing all the food prep for the week. When Ori returned from the bathroom, Isshan was still reading. Ori crawled onto the bed and turned onto his side. He watched Isshan reading with fond eyes. He gaze rove down Isshan’s torso, delighting in the way the light created divine shadows that turned his topography into dramatic sand dunes. Isshan’s bulge was full in his black underwear. Ori’s eyes drifted from there to the black fabric stretched around the thickness of Isshan’s thighs. “Permission to touch you Sir?”
“That’s fine, boy, but not my cock.”
“Thank you Sir.” Ori wrapped himself around Isshan’s leg, pulling it close to him and entangling his arms around like a koala. Isshan peered over his book, wondering what on Earth his boy was doing. “Boy?”
“Yes sir?”
“What are you doing?”
“Just enjoying you Sir.”
Isshan didn’t know what to say to that. His boy’s love language was seemingly all of them, but he knew Ori desire for physical contact placed only second to his desire to serve. Isshan decided to finish the chapter and leave his boy to his quirks. That however proved to be a mistake, because he became aware by the change of Ori’s breathing that he’d fallen asleep attached to him. He’d fallen asleep in the middle of the bed too. Inconveniencing your master was a punishable offense, but he looked so cute….and he was warm. It was like wearing pants on one side.

Isshan put his book on the side table. “Well, I guess I’m stuck.” He scooted down as much as possible, but Ori roused. Isshan found himself not wanting to wake him up, but he also wanted to use this opportunity to slide down into the bed more. When Isshan stopped moving, Ori adjusted himself, still entangled around Isshan’s leg like a vine. He nuzzled Isshan’s hip and was still again. That’s when Isshan realized they were both on top of the comforter. He cursed under his breath. Using his toes and his other leg, he pulled the afghan draped over the foot over the bed up towards him until he could reach it. He opened it and draped it over themselves. Wasn’t too chilly tonight anyhow.
“Sleep well pet,” Isshan said before he turned off the light.

Captions are fictional.


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