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Tanner sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “You knocked over ALL the cups? Seriously – just. Crate. Now, Corbin. Go into my dressing room and lie down on your blanket. Go.”
Ryan watched Tanner’s boy slink out of the room. “Why did you bring your pup on this shoot anyway?”
“He has separation anxiety. Master Bruce said I should bring him to more stuff with me, but I’m starting to think it’s more than separation anxiety. I’m starting to think my boy’s just a basket case with a lot of energy he’s not burning off. Master Bruce said he’s ‘unmanageable’ and I’m starting to see why.”
“Judging by the fact I heard the make up artist make comments about the bags under your eyes, it’s not for the lack of trying to wear him out in bed?”
Tanner snorted. “No. No lack of trying there. It just makes him want more of it. I think Corbin needs a treadmill. Get him running.”

Ryan nodded. “That could work.”
There’s a howl from the dressing room. Tanner exhaled again as the photography crew giggled. “Sorry guys. Let’s take ten.”
Ryan chuckled. “You want me to take him for a walk?”
Tanner pointed. “Yes. Please. I’m not going to give up on him. Just gotta find out what works with this sub….and I hope it’s running, cause Jesus.”
“Swimming maybe?”
“Why Ryan, I think you have some great ideas. His leash is in my bag in the dressing room. Go wear him out, however you see fit. And I do mean, however you can make it happen. We need to get through this shoot.”
Ryan rubbed his hands together. “That’s what I want to hear! Finally get to have some fun with that handsome lad of yours.” He sauntered toward the dressing room, calling Tanner’s pup’s name. “Cooorbin!” Corbin howled in response. “Corbiiiiin!” There was another howl.
“No don’t encourage the howling!” Tanner shouted back. Corbin answered with a howl. Tanner put his head into his hands.

Captions are fictional.


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