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 “Hm. Yeah, no. Can’t fuck here Sir. Can’t camp either. The water is brackish. Won’t do, won’t do at all. Onward!”
I wipe my forehead with a bandana. “Slow down pup, I’m carrying everything, remember. I mean, I’m not complaining, I’m enjoying the view, but I can’t go as fast as you.”
“Ah, I’m sorry Sir, you’re right. I’m just so excited and refreshed. So much energy. I’ll go a little slower.”
“Thank you. You’re a good trail pup though, I appreciate you scouting things out and finding good spots for us.”
Gordon turns and smiles at me. “Of course Sir. I like having a task to – oh, bird!” He thrusts a finger out in the direction it went, under some sort of erroneous assumption I’ll see it. “Oh it’s a fat little thing. Has some white on it this time. Come back here, where did you go…” He disappears out of sight from around the rock.
I take a drink of water “Well that settles it. English Pointer it is.”
“Pointer?” Gordon sticks his head around the natural feature so I can see his face. “I’m clearly a German Shepard.”
I snort. “Nope. No way. They’re stoic protectors and guardians who can switch from playful to defensive in a flash. You’re a high energy, short coated, explorative type who looks for small animals. You’re independent, but you still like to please your Master. That’s a Pointer to a tee.”
Gordon gives me a look. “I mean that’s only somewhat correct about me. Oh, there’s two of those birds!” He disappears around the rock again. I chuckle. It feels good to be right. I adjust my pack and carry on after him.
“What type of dog breed do you think I’d be?” I ask.
“Hmm. A Chinese crested.”
“Hey! I have so much hair I can barely see my skin on my arms, you want to get laid later or not?”
That makes Gordon laugh, a pretty sound that echos off the trees. “I can’t tell you the answer or it’d go right to your head. You’re a bear of a beast though, that’s for damn sure.”
I climb over the protruding rock. “That’s for damn sure. Once I’m done breeding the shit out of you, I am going to find us a fish for dinner and bring it back to our cave. It’ll be majestic as fuck.”
“Are you going to catch it with your mouth?”
“Depends if you want to be kissed later or not.”
That gets a genuine laugh from Gordon. He throws at pine cone at me. I throw one back at him. “Come on pup, get movin.”
“Oh now you want me to get moving, I see how it is. Big bear caught his breath huh?”
I stick my tongue out at him. Gordon sticks his out back. He turns and walks ahead again. I seize the moment to throw a small pine cone at him and it bounces off his butt. His little squeak is delightful.

Captions are fictional.


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