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“Ah, I’ll do it. He’s going to burn his pretty brown skin.” I kneel down. “Hey…hey stud.” I gently rock his shoulder. “Wake up sweetheart.”
“You’ve fallen asleep in the pool and we’re worried you’re going to burn.”
He jerked his head up. “Whu?” He blinks at me. “What ….” He glances up at people looking at him. “Did I pass out?”
“You fell asleep.”
“For how long?”
“Twenty minutes or so.”
He rubs his face. “Fuck.”
“Are you ok?” I ask. “What’s your name?”
“Y-yeah. Just, I was the sober friend last night while my friends were partying and I got like no sleep. Name’s Zach.”
“Aww, you poor thing. Well.” I gesture to the guys around the pool. “We got a lounge chair in the shade if you want to come take a nap. We’ll keep an eye on you.”
“That sounds amazing, actually.”
I offer a hand. He grasps my hand and I pull him out of the pool.
“Damn Daddy, you strong. If it wasn’t so hot, I’d ask to cuddle with you.”
I grin. “Well if you want to sleep in my bed tonight, it’s open.”
“That sounds sooo nice. I miss sleeping in someone’s arms.” Zach sighs.
I pat him on the back and walk him to where our group is sitting. “You come out here to get over  bad break up?”
“Yeah. Friend dropped out, so I took his spot. Always wanted to go to White Party you know?”
I nod.
“You’ve been having good sex?”
“No I’ve been baby sitting my idiot friends!”
I shake my head. “Well, nice of you to do that, but you need to have some fun yourself.”

“Is he ok?” My friend Steve asks as I walk him over. Steve offers a towel which Zach takes.
“Yeah just up late being sober for his friends, didn’t sleep at all. He’s gonna take a nap on the chaise.”
“Aww poor baby.”
“He hasn’t been laid since he got here either,” I add.
That gets a chorus of groans from my friend group. “We need to fix that!”
“Yep. Alright, sit there, Zach. Drink this bottle of water. After your nap, you can pick which dick you want.” I gesture to my friend group.
Zach considers all of us. “Fuck am I still asleep?”
“Nope. We’re your gay guardian angels baby.”
Finally.” Zach says dramatically, which makes us all crack up. We set to hydrating him and burrito’ing him in a towel. “Can I pick more than one dick?” He asks with a yawn.
“Honey you can go through the phone book in alphabetical order if you want!” Steve answers with a snap of his fingers. We all crack up again.

Captions are fictional.


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