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Winter Nights in NYC

CJ stopped on the corner and glanced up. Rocky halted one step ahead of him.
“What are you looking at, love?”
CJ raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you remember, this is where we met?”
Rocky looked up at the blue street signs too. “Huh. So it is. Damn, this intersection looked a lot different back then.”
“Yeah it did. I was right there.” CJ pointed to the curb. “Used to be a news stand there. I was trying to walk to the NYU Hospital. Didn’t make it.” He pointed to the corner store that was now a bank. “You were coming out of here, like you were on cue in a movie.”
“I was getting coffee with my old partner, Dave. I stopped short leavin’ when I saw you, and he nearly walked into me. Some coffee splashed on his hand and he yelled at me.” Rocky chuckled. “He was such a loud bastard.”
“I didn’t know that part. About the spill, I mean.”
“I can’t even remember if I drank my coffee. I just remember running over to you. I thought you were dead. You were all curled up in a ball, clutching your side.”

CJ looked thoughtfully at the curb. ”I’ve always wondered if I would have made it, you know? If someone had called an ambulance, and we had to wait for it to come in the snow; instead of like, how you threw me in your police car and took me to the hospital with the lights blazing. The surgeon who took out my appendix said I was so close to death after it ruptured. He looked so pale when he told me after. I’ve always wondered how close.”
“The timing… in this huge city…” Rocky drifted off. They lapsed into silence.
CJ blinked. “Oh, it’s snowing.”
“Huh. It is.” Rocky took his hand. They began walking north again. “Do you think our kids destroyed the house while we’re gone?”
“I’m pretty sure we’re going to come back to all of our bedding being used as a fort. And I’m pretty sure your parents let them eat all the junk food they wanted,” CJ said.
“I guarantee that.”
CJ smiled. “You know if the damage is done, why not stay out a little bit longer? Get a coffee.”
“Coffee sounds amazing. Can I pitch an idea?”
“Why don’t we just rent a hotel room, go make love, and go back home tonight, and not tell a soul?”
CJ’s jaw dropped. “Reginald O’Leary, what a scandalous thing to say. Wait, will there be coffee?”
“Ah to heck with it. Let’s do it. Oh, there’s a Duane Reade! We can get what we need in there. Sign from the gods maybe?”
“I sure think so. God, I suddenly want you so bad.”
CJ smiled and squeezed Rocky’s hand as hard as he could. He hoped that Rocky couldn’t tell he was blushing and he just cheeks were just pink from the cold.

Captions are fictional.


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