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Todd could barely look him in the eye. Joe was so intimidating. Todd had been attractive to him the day he starting hanging out at his friend’s frat house. All the guys there were jock-types, even the big bear-ish ones were strong and reeking of testosterone. There was something different about Joe. He carried himself with a quiet sense of superiority. He wasn’t brash and loud and a raging drunk. Despite being the same age as the other guys in his frat, Joe had an aura of wisdom and maturity the others lacked.

Todd just liked being near him. After a couple of times being around Joe, Todd began to think there was something else different about Joe from the others. And it wasn’t just his taste in movies.

After a party one night, Todd crashed on a sofa bed with his friend on the floor . Shortly after dawn he went downstairs for a snack, but ran into Joe going upstairs. And when he saw Joe, Todd nearly tripped. Joe was just wearing his underwear. All skin bare. The curve of his bulge filling his boxer briefs. It was too much. Todd froze and gawked.
“You finding something worth looking at?” Joe asked.
Todd should have apologized and scurried up the stairs. What came out of his mouth was, “Can I suck your cock?”

Joe looked real surprised. Then he looked amused. “I had an inkling,” he said. “Alright. You want it? Kneel and suck it right here.”
“Right here? On the stairs? Anyone could see us…”
“You best be quiet then.”
That turned Todd on something horrible, and he knew right then he was going to do it. He sank to the steps of the stairs and gazed up at this god of a man. After a few seconds ticked by, Joe’s face began to firm into a look of displeasure. Does he think I’m hesitating? Todd thought. Is he thinking that I’m changing my mind? I wish I could tell him what I was actually thinking. I wish I had the courage to tell him that I was real, real glad I didn’t kill myself as a teenager over being gay.
Todd ran his palms over Joe’s thighs and groaned. His fingers sought Joe’s waistband to pull down. Todd wished he could have shown Joe to his past teen self. His eyes would have bugged out past his head  – even further than the immediate erection! Todd wondered if he was hard right now, but he didn’t care to check. The important thing right now was getting Joe’s beautiful penis to full mast and those full balls drained before anyone else saw them. With men like Joe, you service them well the first time, and or you won’t be doing it again.

Captions are fictional.


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