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Toby wiggled the cabinet door. “Yeah, this is off balanced for sure. The hardware wasn’t mounted properly.”
“Mounted? That’s the right word?” I ask as my eyes trace every curve of his back and shoulders.
“Yep. It wasn’t mounted properly.” Toby grins at me over his shoulder. “Pretty easy fix. This whole cabinet is wonky though. Who put the spice rack way up there?”
“I dunno, but that’s where it goes apparently.”
“Can you even reach those spices?”
“Not well,” I admit as I ogle the beginning of his crack peeking out from his jeans.
Toby studies it. “Probably installed that way due to the tile backsplash. Who-ever installed the cabinets over the backsplash was a silly person. Who designed this kitchen?”
“No clue, I just moved in here.”
“It’s very silly. Nice range though. Gas?” Toby pulls up his jeans.
“Well that’s good at least. Not a fan of electric.”
“Toby?” I ask.
“Are you wearing underwear?”
He flashes that grin at me. “Nah.”
“That’s not uncomfortable?”
“Nah. If I’m not working, I’m fuckin, and vice versa. When I got a man in my sight, underwear just gets in the way.”
“Man.” I repeat.
“Yep. Not real interested in women. I’mma go get my drill and fix your cabinets ok?”
“Y-yeah, sure. One more thing Toby?”
“Do you take tips?”
Toby cracks his gum. “I sure do. Doesn’t always have to be monetary though…”
“That’s what I was hoping for.”
That perfect grin again. “Fucking excellent. I like you. Welcome to the building.”
“Thank you. Remember my unit number, I have a feeling you’ll be here a lot.”

Captions are fictional.


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