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Huh. I think these are Mark’s, and this pair is Donovan’s that he borrowed me from and never returned last year. So Mark wears the same brand of underwear as I do? What are the odds. I tossed them to the side and leaned back in the chair. Man that was one wild party last night. I think I slept with that guy sleeping on the pool raft. I still wonder what his name is? Actually I should go wake him up. The way the sun is moving he’s gonna get super burned. I stood up with a groan. Going back to bed was starting to sound like a good idea. “Hey…hey hot stuff.”
He didn’t move.
“Hey dude, you’re gonna get sunburned.”
He groaned and shifted on the raft.
I sighed. He was gonna fall in. I shucked off my underwear and walked into the pool. Bit chilly, but felt nice. I swam over to him on the raft. “Hey buddy, good morning.”
“MMhhnnnnnff,” he said.
“You fell asleep on the pool raft try not to fall off.”
He blinked at me blearily. “I did?”
He looked around. “Oh.”
“You’re gonna get sunburned, come back in the house.”
He considered me. “Hey are you the guy who fucked me last night?”
He grinned. “Can I sleep in your bed instead?”
I resisted the urge to push him off the raft at his cheesiness, but he’d probably be mad at me and then I wouldn’t get laid again. “Sure thing. Let me show you where it is.”
The stranger slided off the raft into the pool. “Ee that’s chilly!”
“Aw, don’t tell me your dick has shrunk into uselessness,” I teased.
“Hey we don’t need my dick for sex. I should be asking about yours.”
“When we get upstairs you can tell me if it needs to be warmed up enough.” I smacked his butt as he got out of the pool.
“Ooo aren’t you frisky. Sounds good to me!” He yawned. I yawned too.

We dried off with a random towel and made it upstairs to my room, side-stepping men passed out on various pieces of furniture. I’d locked my bedroom door so the bed was empty. We didn’t have the energy for frantic sex. I just rolled on top of him, mounted that bouncy butt, and gave him a few good thrusts until we both came. Neither of us got up; we both fell asleep again, not waking up until the sun was properly in our eyes. And to my astonishment, his hand was already feeling up my cock. I began to wonder who I picked up last night and if he was related to the Energizer bunny.

Captions are fictional.


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