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Vic gazed out the window. He glanced at the cash in his hand again. Dan had paid him 20% less and hid the smaller bills in the larger one. “Hmmm. Yeah. I’m going to blackmail him ” Vic snapped a photo out the window with his phone that showed Dan in profile and saved the condom from the trash.  “He’s the band’s tour manager…this has to pay well.” Vic felt conflicted though. He loved the Death Arrows – hell he’d driven 3 hours to see their show- and knew that negative PR would impact them. But if that guy was undercutting him, what was he doing to the Death Arrows? Vic wondered.

It had been a fortuitous coincidence to run into Dan at that bar near the venue. Vic recognized him from the band’s Instagram photos. Now Vic was also wondering if Dan was there just to pick up fans… gross. The guy did ask Vic how old he was. Well, Vic thought, at least I got some money out of it at least. Paid for gas and some of his hotel room.

It took Vic a couple minutes to find who managed the Death Arrows, and to locate a phone number for their office. Vic glanced at his watch. Check out time was soon. No rush. He went to take a shower. He’d grab some lunch and place the call before his drive home. He’d spend the shower imagining what to say. Before he got into the spray, Vic snapped a selfie in the bathroom showing his back in the foggy mirror; his round ass cheeks were peeking over the counter.

Vic opened Twitter. “Went to see the Death Arrows, got picked up last night after the show by a tour guy who ripped me off! Been a fun adventure Tacoma. Oh so much fun.” Vic posted it and smirked. Now the stage was set. What was a good Death Arrows lyric for this situation? Hm. Oh yes. “Sometimes it’s little bit fun to be a little bit bad.”


Captions are fictional.


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