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“This is so strange! The air is freezing but the water is warm. Look at me, I’m shirtless!”
Alexei set his vodka tonic on the edge of the hot tub. “You are shirtless, and I am looking. You’ve never been in a hot tub before?”
“Not when it’s this cold out. I would have never thought to do it in winter. And we don’t have like, real winter in Texas. Not like Colorado.“ Donovan turned around to gaze at the snow-covered manor. “This is so much better than Waco.”
“I’m glad you took my offer to join me on my holiday. I didn’t think you would.”
Donovan stood in front of Alexei and fiddled with the bracelet Alexei gifted him. “Well you’re not like one of my normal clients…
“I’m not?” Alexei can’t hide his surprise.
“No. You talk to me like a normal person, and you gave me such good advice about that guy I was dating. Like, I can tell you see me as a person and not just a piece of ass, I guess?”
Alexei put his hands on Donovan’s hips and ran his thumbs along the lines of his iliac crests. “It gets boring if you just care about the ass or the cock or whatever. The human element is what makes relationships fun. And you’re very interesting to me.”
“I am?”
“Yes. All my friends are old Russian guys, European guys, American guys… all they care about is their stock portfolios, dividends investments, etc. So boring! They tell me they fucked some hot model in Milan and can’t even remember their name or their hair color, and then back to the investments. So boring. I like hearing about your life, university studies, boyfriends… your cooking attempts. Your misadventures as a cam boy.”
Donovan chuckled. He guided Alexei’s hands to the back, giving him permission to cup his ass. “You’re the only one I can really talk to about those misadventures. No one else knows.”
“Really? Donovan, sweetheart, you need to tell someone besides me. For safety.”
Donovan scoffed. “Safety? Alexei, honey, I’m not worried. You know how loud I can scream.”

Alexei laughed. He took a sip of his drink and returned to massaging Donovan’s ass. “You must be cold. Here, sit on my lap.”
Donovan happily did. “ooo much better. Are my lips cold?
Alexei smirked. He began to kiss Donovan, enjoying the chill of his skin and the warmth underneath. “Mn, a little bit, but still nice…”
Donovan groaned softly. He pressed his palms to Alexei’s pectorals and fanned his hands out. “God it’s nice to be kissed for once…”

Alexei had a hard time pulling his lips away from Donovan’s jaw. “What? Your boyfriends don’t kiss you?”
“Well when I have them. And sometimes the timing is all wrong. Like sometimes I get myself so horny on camera, I just suddenly want a guy to fuck me, but like a dildo isn’t the same thing as a real cock.
The downside of camming is that sometimes when you want that intimate touch you go with out.” Donovan pouted. “It’s really the only downside.”
Alexei ran his thumb over his lower lip. “Do you not have Grindr?”
“I do but…Baylor is a Christian university. In Texas. Not a lot of uh, options, and sometimes it can be a lot of work just to find someone compatible to fuck you.”
“Hmmm. It is like that in Russia. It can be a bit dangerous.”
Donovan drew a circle on Alexei’s chest. “It was nice last night, to have fun like that. I guess it’s time to confess I jerked off once to imagining you inside me. You have such a great cock Alexei. I was really happy when you invited me here. I hoped we had the same ideas…”
Alexei groaned. He muttered some curse words in Russian. “Donovan, you are going to give this boring old man a heart attack from all my blood rushing south.”
“You’re not old,” Donovan giggled.
“I’m almost twice your age.”
“You fuck like someone my age though.” Donovan grinned.
“Russian stamina,” Alexei bragged.
“We can’t uh, do stuff in a hot tub can we?” Donovan tugged at the waistband of Alexei’s speedo.
Alexei sighed. “No, heat and cum is a bad mix.”
“Oh right…”
“Why don’t we head inside? You’re not supposed to stay too long in a hot tub anyway. I need another drink and you need a good fucking.”
“I do don’t I?”
“You do. I’m going to send you back to Waco with a lot of new material to jerk off too.”
“God don’t mention Waco right now,” Donovan groaned. “It’s going to be so hard to be back there after this.”

Alexei helped Donovan out of the hot tub and into a towel. “I’ll guess we’ll have to make this a regular thing.”
Donovan was so stunned it took him a moment to process that he was standing in snow and his feet were freezing.

Captions are fictional.


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