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“Estreellllooo are you awake from your nap yet?”
Brian’s pup made a whine of annoyance that echoed down the hall.
“It’s 3:15, you told me to wake you at 3. Oh well, I had a treat for you, but I’ll eat it.”
Estrello perked up. “Aroo?”
“If you want it, you gotta come here boy,” Brian called.
That warranted getting out of bed. Estrello stretched and scratched the back of his neck. Why were beds so comfortable? He slid off with some regret and trotted down the hall to the kitchen.

Brian glanced over his shoulder at him as he came in. “Aw, there’s my pup. Good nap?”
Estrello nodded and yawned. “Sleepy.”
“Come sit.”
Estrello knelt at Brian’s feet. His body sort of did it on his own now. Estrello gazed up at Brian with an adorable sleepy smile. “Hi Sir. Whatcha cooking?”
“Hi. You are so cute when you’re a sleepy pup. And I’m not cooking, I’m baking.” Brian handled Estrello a beater with cookie batter on it.
He made a little squeal. “You’re making cookies!”
Estrello sniffed it. “Oh my god it’s peanut butter flavored.”
“I figured you’d wanna get out of bed for that?”
Estrello nodded. “Yes. Yes I would. Thank you Sir.”
Brian gave him some scratches at the base of his hair line. He expected his pup to take his prize over to his ‘spot’ in the living room and splay out by the TV. Instead, Estello simply leaned against Brian’s leg and enjoyed his prize while Brian spooned the cookies on two trays. He liked feeling Estrello against his leg. The young man was like a warm, comforting ball of energy that just followed him around.
Estrello appreciating the little indulges that made life special. He cherished every moment – like licking beaters. Or playing with a balloon. Or having a good cuddle. Having Estrello for a boyfriend was like having a dog, but a dog that took care of himself. Brian was enjoying relearning to see the world through the eyes of his pup boyfriend.
Brian glanced down at him with the spoon he used sticking out of his mouth. “God you are way too cute. Here, you wanna lick the bowl too?”
Estrello begged for it. If he had a tail, Brian’s ankle would have been bruised.

Captions are fictional. Haven’t done a pup themed story in a while… also this guy in the photo looks real familiar. Anyone know who he is?


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