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Paul had gone to take a late morning nap. When he came down to the pool area, the Saturday’s festivities were in full swing. And yep, the second he saw all those hot guys, he got an instant boner. Paul had been suppressing his sexuality since the awkward college years, but now that his career was stable he had been discovering just how fun gay could be. Hence why he came to this White Party. So many hunks!

Paul was walking to the bar when he did a double take. David stared at him back. Paul switched directions toward him.
“Paul? Is that you?” David asked.
Paul grinned. “In the flesh.” They exchanged a bro hug.
David looked at him up and down. “Man, you filled out. You look good.”
Paul tried not to blush. “Thanks man. You were -and are – way way hotter than me. And muscular. Look at your arms!”
David couldn’t help but flex a little. “I appreciate you saying that. After college I started eating way too much, but now I’m doing my best to stay fit.”
“Oh it’s working. Good job. You uh, must be here with a boyfriend?”
David shrugged those big shoulders. “Nah. Had some relationships, but I’m enjoying being a bachelor. There’s so many hot guys here, I just want to sample them all.”
Paul chuckled. “I admire your confidence. I still feel like I’ve come out of the closet recently.”
David blinked. “You? But you seemed out in college…I mean, we did fool around.”
Paul gave a wry smile. “Yeah it was fun. My body wanted it, but my mind just wasn’t ready to be on the same page.”
“Is it now?”
“Is it on the same page,” David repeated. “Cause if you’d like to get caught up from where we left, we can go back to my hotel room for a lesson.”
Paul’s eyes went wide. “Are you actually like… propositioning me?”
David laughed. “You’re so formal. Yeah. You’re still hot. I’d love to fool around with you again.”
Paul was stunned. “I’m not used to being hit on but, man yeah, I’d love for you to show me some things. Mostly you naked.”

And just like that, Paul found himself walking right back into the hotel he just came out from. Only this time, it was with a hot man on his arms. Paul was so relieved to have ran into someone he knew, someone who could help him pick up where he left off in college. Paul ran his arm over David’s shoulder in the elevator. He wanted that man. It was so nice to not feel ashamed to want a man. This was going go be fun. God, his cock was hard!

As if David read his mind, he leaned over and whispered into Paul’s ear, “I love that you’re so hard.”
Paul broke out into goosebumps.

Captions are fictional.


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