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I was relieved the rooms were joined, but I didn’t imagine having to use it for this purpose. I stepped into their room, my presence muffled by the sound of the commotion. I was shocked at the state of things. Anger bubbled up in me until heat was radiating out of my skin. I bunched my hand into a fist. Daniel shouted something at Bryan. Bryan shouted something back and tackled Daniel. Daniel slid off the bed and they crash landed on to the floor in a tangle of limbs and linen.
“Enough!” I bellowed, slamming my fist into the wall.
Both startled; Daniel gasped. Their heads snapped towards me with wide-eyed shock on their faces.

“Listen you assholes. We are BARELY halfway through this tour, and this is the biggest tour we’ve ever done. I know we had a long night tonight, and we’re all tired from the show. But you two need to act like adults and get your shit together. I will NOT let YOU TWO ruin this tour with bad PR that you’ve destroyed a hotel room. The cost I’m tipping the maid is going to come out of your pay. You two need to calm down and go to bed. As of this moment, you’re done fighting it out. So you two can either hug it our or fuck it out, but what ever bullshit is going on between you two ends tonight. Do you understand?”
They both nodded sheepishly.
“Good. I’ve also pushed back our bus call tomorrow until noon. You guys need your rest. Remember, our LA show is in four days. If you guys ruin that show for us with your attitude, no one will ever find your bodies.”
Daniel swallowed hard. He knew my family lived in the mountains and we knew every hill and valley.
“Is that understood?” I asked sweetly.
“Ye-yes.” They stammered together.
“Good. Now I’m going to bed. Good night.”

I closed and locked the door behind me. I yawned and stretched. No one ever told me being a tour manager means herding drama queens acting like children. I climbed back into bed and checked for the hundredth time to make sure our next merch shipment is on track for Monday. It’d be fine. Everything was quiet besides the faint sound of them talking. I drifted off.

I was on the cusp of sleep when I hear a repetitive squeaky noise. I lifted my head up. From the other room drifts an “oh yeaaah~” and an “ah fuck!”. The noise is mattress springs. Well there’s that answer. They chose to fuck it out. Just what I expected – jealousy and suppressed feelings. Good thing I gave em the option of sleeping in tomorrow. They should have plenty of time to catch up on relieving their frustrations. I just hope there’s no visible hickies. The fangirls would notice immediately.

Captions are fictional.


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