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I look up from the register as the young man walks into our shop wearing only sneakers. “Uh hi, can I help you?”
“What aisle is underwear in?” he asks.
“Four. But just to let you know, even though we’re a kink shop, clothing is normally mandatory…”
“Oh, I won’t cause any trouble. I’ll leave my pants here as a guarantee. See, I had a crazy night last night and ripped my underwear and jeans. I had to leave where I crashed at in a hurry cause my hook-up’s parents came over. I’m just tryin’ to be decent.”
“Aaaah. Someone knows how to have a good time! Yeah, go ahead. Oh, and one block down there’s a tailor who can fix your pants for you.”
“Wow, thanks.”
“No problem.” I return back to organizing my receipts…but not before I let my eyes linger on that cute butt. Someone was lucky to have a piece of that and probably regretted losing it this morning!

Captions are fictional.


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