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Hulk Jr

My sister had to work that day so it was just me and her hot husband alone in the house together. I’d been getting a vibe from him all week, and it wasn’t lost on me that he’d waited until that moment to walk around in his underwear.

“Sleep alright?” he said. “Want some breakfast?”

“Sure,” I said, boldly staring at his nearly-nude body, the tight ass and huge bulge in his red underwear.

“Sorry, guess I’m pretty casual when your sister isn’t around,” he said, glancing down at himself then back up at me with a shy smile.

“What else do you do when she’s not around?” I said. He looked at me, and I watched in amazement as his cock began to rise in his underwear. “Is that what’s for breakfast?” I said. I walked up to him and cupped his growing boner in my hand. He let out his breath.

“You can’t say anything to her,” he whispered.

“I won’t,” I said, and stuck my hand down the front of his briefs, feeling his thick, shaved boner. “As long as you fuck me with this thing.”

“Hell yeah,” he said, his lips close to mine. “I want you to fuck me too, though.”

“Absolutely,” I said, and we kissed – lips opening, tongues mingling. “She’s lucky to get you in her bed every night.”

“Yeah but she can’t give me everything I need,” he said.

“Amen,” I said, and followed him to their bedroom.

Natty Soltesz


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