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Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, I don’t wanna get up…..

Dude, you’re working from home, the only thing I need for you to get up is between your legs while you do that conference call……

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, I don’t wanna get up…..”
“Dude, you’re working from home, the only thing I need for you to get up is between your legs while you do that conference call……”
Levi opens an eye. “Someone is horny this morning.”
“Sleeping next to a hot naked guy does that.”
“Pfft.” Levi waves his hand and let’s it drop to the comforter. “I have to go pee.”
He throws his legs off the bed and strides into the bathroom. I hear the sounds of water running, teeth being brushed. He yawns as he crawls back into bed. “I gotta dial in…”
“Can I suck your cock during the conference call?” I rub his thigh.
“Well. If I put it on mute. They won’t need me much.”
“Excellent.” I start stroking him with my hand to wake up his cock.
“Mmn that’s nice.” Levi punches in the call.
“Oh good morning Levi.”
“Good morning.” He yawns.

There’s some usual office banter and some usual boring office conversation. Levi props himself against the headboard and puts the phone on speakerphone and sets it on his chest. The conversation gets going and I can’t follow the trail of acronyms and jargon. What’s much more interesting is that Levi’s cock has decided it likes my attention, and I move on to laving it with my tongue and cupping his balls between my fingers. Levi seems to be out of the conversation. He mutes the call and lets out a soft groan as I play with him. “Fuck you are good at that…”
I move his foreskin with my lips and clean the tip of his hole with my tongue. He twists his fingers in my hair as I swallow him to the hilt and suck. He whimpers and his legs began to tremble. “I really should be focusing on the conference call…”
They’re talking about client proposals. I ignore Levi and roll his testicles in my fingers. He’s squirming and panting. His hips leap up and the orgasms crests like a wave over a smooth rock. Barely escaping gagging on his member, I catch his spunk in my mouth and swallow all of it, one hand holding him at the base, the other stroking his lower stomach. He doesn’t like his balls being touched during climax.
“Fuck! Oh good lord.” Levi goes limp onto the bed. He closes his eyes as his breathing regulates. “Fuck you’re so good at that.” The people on the phone are still chatting.
I smile around his shaft. I clean as I withdraw it, until the softening thing shrinks back into its hood.
“So Levi, what do you think of picking Polyworld over Pullman Technical Group? … Levi? You there?”
I look up. Oh fuck. Levi’s asleep. Fuck fuck fuck.
“Levi you there?”
I push the mute button. “Hi this is Levi’s roommate. He went downstairs to make some coffee and spilled it -”
”Oh goodness.”
There’s some giggling from a female voice.
I wipe the cum off my lips on the back of my hand. “But he uh… uh…” I glance around and spy the weed magazine I left on the nightstand last night. “He wanted me to tell you that he prefers Pullman. They’re almost certainly going to be acquiring Rosid this fall, and having access to the cannabis industry will be helpful if you – we?- want to diversify uh, your portfolio.”
There’s silence. Shit shit shit
“Cannabis? Now that’s an interesting idea we haven’t considered.”
”That’s some out-of-the-box thinking Levi.”
“Didn’t we discuss diversifying wasn’t going to happen until next year?”
“Yeah but I’m not sure if cannabis is an industry that fits into our business plan…”
“It’s so profitable though.”

I hit the mute button and exhale. Good grief. I watch Levi sleep. His cock even looks tucked in. You’re welcome, Levi. When the conference call ends, I wake him up to say good bye and he passes out again. I pull the sheet over him and go to brush my teeth. He’s gonna owe me his ass for this! But where to fuck him… hmmmm…

Captions are fictional. Story wrote itself.


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