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Men loving men🍌.

Malcolm leaned against the doorframe. “BOY! On the sofa. I’ve been looking at porn and I need to unload, now.”
Antonio put down his colored pencils and got on the sofa at the sight of Sir standing there in only a shirt. Antonio loved being given orders by an alpha male. On all fours, he could feel the weight of his full balls and the metal band around them.
Malcolm flipped the lube cap open. “Nah. On your back. Spread those legs for me.”
“Yes Sir.”
Malcolm lubed up his cock and tossed the bottle on the coffee table. “Perfect.” He put his knees on the sofa and steadied himself using the back support. He stroked himself to sooth his straining erection. “Knees up a little.”
“Yes sir.”
Malcolm pushed into Antonio, waiting for that little squeak as he adjusted, and then pushed in the rest of the way. He let out a deep moan as the velvet walls gripped him. Antonio threw back his head and gasped. “Oh Sir!”
“Fuck you feel good!” Malcolm curled his fingers around Antonio’s chastity cage and enjoyed the heat in his hand. He locked eyes with Antonio and smirked. Antonio gulped. Malcolm pushed up his thighs, pulled out until the head caught, and thrust back in. “Yeah! That’s it boy!” Malcolm worked Antonio’s hole, pounding it with the fury of his lust. Keeping that boy horny was the best idea he ever had.
Antonio grasped the arm of the sofa. He balls became sore from being full and jostled. His cock swell and strained. He squirmed under the relentlessness power of an alpha in full rut. Antonio found it hard to look directly at him, he was so intimidating. So Antonio just kept his eyes locked on that strong chest and shoulders flexing under the thin fabric of the tee. “Aahh Sir!”
“Oh, yeah! FUCK!” Malcolm squeezed hard into Antonio’s thighs and roared as he came. He emptied his balls full from porn he’d been consuming. He filled Antonio’s passage until it squirted out. Malcolm gave him a few more wet thrusts, vocalizing under his breath. A wave of utter bliss and satisfaction flooded through his muscular frame. “God I love fucking you..”
“Thank you.” Antonio’s hand drifted to his cage. It was leaking onto his balls, which were dark and red.
“Ah ah – no.”
Antonio whimpered.
“No,” Malcolm said. He pulled out. He watched the cum leak out of Antonio’s twitching hole. “Yes…lovely.”
“I’m so fucking horny Sir please-”
Malcolm silenced him with a look. He held up a finger and left the room. Antonio heard the fridge open and close and he groaned. Malcolm returned carrying a flat ice pack you use to wrap around sore muscles.
“Sir.” Antonio protested when Malcolm came back in.
“Stay on your back, boy.”
Antonio exhaled. Malcolm put the ice pack over Antonio’s full cock and balls. He mewled.
“Once you’ve calmed down, clean the cum off the sofa.” Malcolm paused in the doorframe. “If you keep leaking, put a condom around it. Don’t want to find any messes under the coffee table again.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Yes Sir?”
“You’re a good boy.” Malcolm left to go shower and put his pants back on. “Wait no.” He stuck his head back in. “MY good boy.”

Captions are fictional.


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