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Killian Belliard par Alexis Salgues

Kirk shakes his head. Mr. Gilligan lives on the 14th floor, and his houseboy is always in here buying things for the meals he makes for his Master. The guy always seems to forget to put clothes on before he comes down here in the summer – not that anyone really complains. The women sure do loiter in the produce section though!

Kirk tries not to giggle at Mrs. Auburn (12th floor) staring shamelessly. At 83 she just did not care what people thought of her. Kirk restocks the oranges and admires the houseboy’s shapely legs, that high and sculpted ass. What a stud! One day, he’ll be wealthy enough to afford a houseboy… one day. The pyramid of oranges shifts and Kirk barely gets his arm around the friut to prevent it all from going on the floor. When Kirk regains control over his restocking, he looks up and the houseboy is gone. He sighs. Damn.

Captions are fictional.


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