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“Hello from my new iPhone!” Juan texts.
“Did you get your new phone today?”
“Yes Sir. Thank you so much again.
“Don’t thank me. You earned it, boy.”
“But you paid for half of it. I’m grateful.”
“You’re welcome, boy, but as I said, you earned it. You have been a favorite playmate to me, and helped so much with running errands and things for work. Your old phone was a literal piece of junk. What color phone did you end up going with?”
Juan smiles at the message. “Yellow! And again, thank you Sir. Want to be the first person I send a selfie too?”
“I’d love that.”
Juan snaps a sexy shot and texts it. “See? Yellow.”
“Woah! Hot damn. Well everyone in the elevator behind me has seen your hot body, boy.”
“Oops. XD.”
“God are you entirely naked? on my bed? waiting for me?”
“I’m waiting to show you my gratitude Sir. I’m wearing a plug… let me know when you’re out of the elevator. I’ll send you that.” Juan wrote back.
“You’ve had that phone hour and you’re already sexting me…goddamn, I’m gonna get a boner at work.”
Juan smirked. “You may want to exit the elevator and take the stairs.”
“Only if you were there. Ugh why is it only 3 pm?”
“I’ll be waiting horny for you, Sir. Gonna be playin with my new phone.”
“Fuuuuck arrggh I want you.”
“I want you too Sir.”

“Say…Juan… your Apple app store works on that phone right? No glitching?”
“Fine so far! why?”
“I want you to find a vibrator we can control. With an app. I mean, that *I* can control with an app…”
“Is that a real thing Sir??”
“Oh yes it is. Welcome to the future, boy. I can make you jizz without even being home.”
“…I have no words. I am googling this right now.”

It was at that moment that Mark realized he’d missed his floor and had to wait for the elevator to cycle back.

Captions are fictional. I do not use an iPhone.


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