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You took your houseboy on a summer trip to make sure he wasn’t getting burned out. Your houseboy was a quiet, territorial type and you weren’t sure how he’d react to being away from his home for so long, though. At first, he seemed sullen and unsure, gazing longingly at your home in the mirror as you pulled out of the driveway. Wi-fi cameras and motion detectors would help him keep peace of mind. Still, he was listless on the drive.

The first day or so he fussed over the rented cabin excessively,  muttering to himself. He cleaned it top to bottom and stocked the shelves. You didn’t want him nesting down in there, and made a point to get him out in nature as much as possible. He protested mildly, but you gave him the task of packing picnics for your trips and soon the complaining stopped. The boy’s skin soon turned a lovely tan from being out doors, and his hair became streaked with highlights. 

One of these days you had rented a boat and were now floating on the lake after a good bout of fishing. Your houseboy was perched on the edge, watching the sunset over the hills and trees. He glanced down at the sun’s wobbly reflection on the water. He bent over, like a swan, and ran his fingers through the reflection. The boy looked so utterly beautiful it took the breath out of your lungs.

He noticed you watching him and straightened up. “Sir?”
“Yes lad?”
“Can we come here every year?”
You smile. “Absolutely. You want to come in the fall when the leaves change too?”
His face brightened. “Can we?’
Your boy hugged his knees together and a look of tired contentment came to his face. “I’d like that, Sir.”
“Then it settled. Also, what do you think about cooking the fish outside over a fire tonight, instead of int he house?”

That made him gawk. “We can DO that?”
I grinned and leaned back in my chair. “We can do whatever we want. We’re on vacation.”

My houseboy considered this answer. After a moment, he got up, walked over, and slid into my lap.

Captions are fictional.


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