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“Honey, I’m home!” Joe called out.
Quint emerged from the rear of the cabin to greet him. “Welcome back~” He touched Joseph’s elbow and kissed his scruffy cheek. “And this is your friend you told me about who wanted to see the house?”
“Quint, this is my co-worker Al.”
Al held out a thick hand. Quint offered his slimmer one. “Nice to meet you.”
“Likewise. I have always wanted to know who keeps Joe together.”
Quint giggled “It’s a full time job.”
“I still love you honey. I set out some snacks and some beers for you two on the coffee table, I’ll be in the laundry room if you need me.”
“Thanks, love.”
Al watched Quint float out of the room on long legs clad in slim denim. A red sweater hugged his torso, a bit of skin showed.
They sat down and cracked the beers. Al leaned back on the sofa and admired the decor. “You know, Joe, when I found out you weren’t into women, it was a massive shock… but I think I see why now. If I met a woman who kept a home like this and wore jeans like that, I’d marry them too.”

That got a roar of a laugh out of Joe. “I’ll take that as a compliment! Yeah, Quint’s one of a kind. I mean, those legs and that ass, yes, but we balance each-other really well. I build the house, Quint made a home. I work myself stupid, Quint makes sure I eat healthy and have clean laundry and yells at me to take it easy.”
“You don’t take it easy though.”
“What you see IS me taking it easy.”
Al chuckles. “Does he work?”
“He does, actually, he works part time at the art museum in the administration office.”
“Well that works out.”
“It does. I like having him around.”
Having him around.” Al snorted. “I can just tell by the look on your face when you talk about him that you’re completely smitten with him.”
Joe shrugged with a cockeyed grin. “I couldn’t marry him fast enough.”
“Aww… you think I’ll find a girl like that one day?”
Joe looked at Al. “If you shave your mustache, yes.”
“Never! This is classic, girls love it…”

The conversation drifted from dating to the cabin’s construction and logging, so Quint drifted back into the laundry area and stopped eavesdropping from the kitchen. The blush on his cheeks had spread to his chest and the sweater was holding in all the warmth. Joe was always reserved in being direct about his affection, preferring to showing it rather than telling it. Quint had learned to read his signals and facial expressions.
He couldn’t believe his Joe spoke about him like that to his co-workers!

Quint hugged his arms around himself. He wanted to keep Joe’s compliments inside his heart forever. And he would definitely be wearing these jeans more often if they could even make a straight man notice!

Captions are fictional.


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