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Garden Gazing: Cameron Parks and Shane Cook in Helix Studios’ “Dig In.” (Link nsfw.)

Daniel cracked a beer and opened the back patio door. “How is that rose pruning co-…m…ing.” Daniel blinked. He took a sip of beer. “I see you met my son.”
“Mr. Romero-”
“No no, it’s fine. Just don’t come in the pool and clean up after yourselves. And finish the roses.”

He went back inside and shut the patio door behind him.
“Uh- is your dad really ok with this?”
“Let’s just say that as long as we’re not fucking in the roses, he does not give a damn.”
“…Ok then. Can I uh, examine your shorts then? I never see boys wearing pink shorts…”
“I was wondering when you were gonna ask that…”

Captions are fictional.


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