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Justin paused to catch his breath and hitch his backpack straps. Full white blooms and what Justin thinks is wisteria hangs from the canopy of green. Petals cover cobblestones. Peace fills Justin’s chest. Coming abroad to Europe to study for a year was the best decision he’d ever made, cost be damned. Leaving his hometown was scary, but he wanted to chase his dreams. Justin glanced at his watch. Ten minutes until class starts. He’d make it, especially since he knew about this shortcut now.

Justin looked up at the greenery as he walked under it. He swore, one day, he’d come back to be married right here. Walk under the flowers and the sweet perfume while petals fell on them. Just husband and husband, side by side. It made him smile. Now that he was focusing on his education, he could start thinking of what comes next. A job was far off… a lover first would be nice. A French boy maybe. Justin wondered if he would meet someone at university. Suddenly the world seemed so full of potential it over-whelmed him. Shit, gotta run, class was in five!

Captions are fictional.

Square des Peupliers, Paris. Photo: Ayako Bielsa


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