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“Hey Russ?”
“Yeah babe?”
“Did you figure out what you wanna go as for the Halloween night at the club this year?”
Russ looks up from washing dishes. “Since it’s going to be warm this year, I was thinking going as a dude version of Lara Croft.”
Will furrows his brow as he thinks about this. Tight shorts. Bulge. Big ol ‘bulge. And Bare legs. Bare thighs. Stomper boots. Tight tank showing off the pecs… guns…gun harnesses….
“Uh …Will? You offline there buddy?”
Will shakes his head. “Bedroom. Now.”
Will grabs his shirt and turns off the water. “Bedroom now.”
“Wha – ok, ok yeah sure fine, I’m not gonna argue~” Russ quickly dries his hands on a towel and lets himself be dragged off with a bewildered expression on his face.

Captions are fictional.


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