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**Study of “thinking of You”**

This original drawing is already available HERE. 

Mama told Theodore to not socialize with the ‘Negro’ who gardened on their property. Theo was told to avoid him at all costs because he would “corrupt” her sweet boy. Mama did not expect or know that someone should have warned the gardener about Theodore, who so easily corrupted him first. There were many daring nights fucking on the dark lawn, fornicating in the shrubbery, and pleasuring each-other with oral in the horsebarn before dawn…

Of course, when Theo was finally caught buried balls deep in the gardener’s behind, Theo got the most severe punishing of his life. He couldn’t sit for days and felt so remorseful he couldn’t even get an erection – but watching the gardener work without shirt slowly fixed that broken organ.

Mama was horrified at the direction of Theo’s gaze even after his punishment, and sent the gardener to another manor and her son off to proper boarding school. Theo was disappointed, but played along because Mama was fool – sending Theo to a boarding school full of vigorous teenage boys? What was she thinking!

Theo had his mind to be his own type of teacher after the lights went out, and indeed sampled many young men for many days. But when he was alone with his own hand and own time, his thoughts drifted back to that sweaty gardener with the most beautiful dark skin and the deepest moans…

Theo swore one day he would graduate university, find that man, and hire him for his own home. And he’d never call him ‘Negro’ again. He’d call him by his proper name, Nelson -hm, no Dear Nelson- and require them both to always be naked. It would be such a sight!

Captions are fictional. Check out @felixdeon‘s art. Never dull.


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