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Jake was sulking in the empty condo when he got a call. He perked up.
“Hey Kostas.”
“Hey boi.”
“So…what’s the determination?”
“It’s a B type aortic dissection. I don’t have to go do surgery tonight.”
Jake brightened. “Really? You got the evening off?”
“Yes. I am coming right over to see you. I can barely wait.”
Jake smiled. “It’s so rare that you have time off, and you want to spend it with me.”
“Of course. Seeing you, touching you, being in bed with you… TIME with you. I can never just have enough time with you.”
“Aww honey.”
“I’m coming right over to fuck you. I owe you so much sex. I’m so sorry.”
“No no no. You told me when we started dating the difficulties of your job. You’re a goddamn heart surgeon. My sex drive doesn’t matter when you’re saving lives.”
There was a loud exhale. “God I don’t think I could be as understandable as you are to me. You are so lovely. I am going to fuck my thanks into you.”
This made Jake burst out laughing. “Kostas. Seriously. Just seeing you is enough.”
“I want to kiss you right now. I’m getting into a cab from the hospital right now. Warm the bed, baby.”
“Yes Sir!”
“Mwuah. See you soon boy.”
“You too. Bye.”

Jake smiled at the phone. “He wants me. I waited for him and didn’t jerk off and NOW I’m gonna get the sex I deserve.” Jake got off the chair and headed to the bed. He paused. He took the flowers from the kitchen and put them in the bedroom on the nightstand. After Jake turned down the bed, he made sure they were stocked with lube and the batteries had toys. Jake thought. He decided to set up a cheese, fruit, and cracker plate and put it in the fridge. Kostas would be hungry, especially after sex.

Jake made a note to also do laundry. Poor Kostas. He worked so hard. Someone had to take care of him. Jake knew if he was a selfish and demanding boi, no one would see him as anything other than the spoiled pet of a rich surgeon. He’d likely lose Kostas after a few years. What had Kostas said? “You are so lovely.” It made Jake feel flush and happy. Kostas needed someone who understood him. Jake wanted to be that boy. He wanted to be in it for the long term.

He was washing the fruit knife when the Jake heard a key in the lock. “Kostas!”

Kostas walked in and dropped his briefcase. “Oh my fuck you’re already naked.”
Jake giggled and shook his butt. It was so rewarding to please someone else!

Captions are fictional.


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