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For all my east coasters, stay warm and stay safe.

“Yes boy.”
“Look out the window.”
Sir sat up. “Motherfucker. It’s started.”
“Goddamn it’s really coming down.”
Sir cleared his throat. “You know I don’t like when my boys use rough language, but in this case I’m going to make an expectation.”
Hamlet raised his eyebrow. “My appreciation of your understanding Sir.”
They watched the snow pile up.
“Guess we’re not doing anything today.”
“Oh we’re going to do a lot today,” Sir disagreed. He stretched.
“What Sir?”
“Make breakfast, make cookies, do a puzzle, play in the snow, eat lunch, and then we’re gonna play with the Christmas present I was going to give you but came in late and I have been figuring out when to give it to you.”
Hamlet tore his gaze away from the snowy landscape toward his keeper. “Another present Sir? But you got me so many nice things already!”
“Too late. Already did it.” Sir pushed the comforter back and strode naked to the closet. “Brrr.” Hamlet enjoyed the view. Sir’s ass was a coveted thing.
Sir returned with a box he had been hiding under a blanket. “Here.” He handed it to Hamlet and dove back under the comforter.
“Oh it’s kind of heavy!”
“Open it,” Sir said.
“Thank you Sir.” Hamlet pushed his curls out of his face, but they fell back in again when he bent over to tear the paper. When he could read the package description he began to laugh. “Entry level dildo kit to open your ass for a big man – good god, who wrote the ad copy on this?”
“Do you like it…?” Sir asked.
“Oh it’s all different sizes…to put in a boy…” Hamlet looked over it. His cheeks were pink. “This is to help prepare me for anal yes?”
“Yes. You have been dropping hints you are ready to try experimenting this way. I thought it would be a nice way for us to bond, and for you to get used to the feeling. You know my cock isn’t small or thin. I don’t want to hurt you, so we need to train you.”
Hamlet smiled. “You are very sweet and considerate. I thought I was lucky enough finding a man who was patient over my fear of anal.”
“Hey,” Sir said, taking his hand in his own. “A real Sir sees a boy’s value beyond his ass. We’ve come very far as a couple. You needed to build trust. So I’m asking you to trust me a little further, that’s all.”
Hamlet bit his lip. “Alright. I’ll trust you.”
Sir sat up so he could hug Hamlet and kiss him firm. “That’s a great gift in return.”
“I’m glad you like it. You are right though, we are going to be busy today… is there lube in this?”
“We got pleeennntty of that.”
They nuzzled noses and then watched the snow fall, until stomachs grumbled and they extracted themselves from the cocoon of warmth for a hot shower. Sir made sure to clean Hamlet well.

Captions are fictional. Stay warm, snowed in readers in NE North America.


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