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Oh my god, who is that?? Boy bitch is gonna be mine!

“oh no, Hsu. Look.”
“Our new neighbor is putting a ‘MAGA’ sign in his yard.”
“Oh he’s hot as fuck…”
“Hsu, focus, please.”
“Mnnn. I’m focusing alright. I’m gonna go take my immigrant ass over there and corrupt the fuck out of him. But slowly…very slowly…must form a plan…”
“Hsu that’s not a good idea.”
“My dick does not discern between good and bad ideas. Only sexy ideas.”
Andrew looked out the window. “…That poor man. He doesn’t know what he’s about to happen to him.”
“Oh don’t pity him, Andrew. Envy him. He’s gonna be enlightened to the wonders of fucking a cute boy’s ass. He’s gonna be born again. Praise the lord, Hallelujah.” Hsu smiled.
“…I’m seriously glad you aren’t on the side of evil, cause you kind of frighten me sometimes.”
“Sorry Andrew. I haven’t gotten laid recently. I have needs.”
Andrew pats him on the shoulder. “It’s ok. Just …don’t eat him ok?”
Hsu exhales. “Fine. I’ll try. Mmmn look at him bend over in those gym shorts…”

Captions are fictional.


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