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// Hey, friends, I just had someone try a fishing attempt on my blog.  If it wasn’t a bot and instead a real person: back up, creep.

That being said, apparently this is a thing that has happened before to other people, and I’m grateful for my suspicion.  If you get a youtube video (one by C.rosa R.osa in my case – apparently a favorite for this) randomly sent in as a submission, and you see some name with a sketchy h.otmail email address linked to it, DO NOT CLICK ON THE EMAIL ADDRESS.  The video is just a link to y.outube, yes, but the email link is not.  It is a fishing attempt and will lead you to a blank page.  Fortunately I looked this up before I did anything, so joke’s on you asshole.

This is so incredibly random, and I’ve never had this happen before, but it weirded me tf out enough to make a post about it.

Anyway, again, for that person who submitted that – get the hell off of my blog and off of tumblr.  Ridiculous.

Hey heads up, this is what it looks like:

I don’t usually click on the e-mail anyway, but thank God for this post. I’m blocking and deleting this submission.
Watch out, guys !

Happened to me too, so it may be going around reptiblr/petblr. Just a heads up!

I got this too. It creeps me out

I go this too from two different names, and did not click on it.


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