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I like to sleep holding my stuffie. Sir likes to sleep holding my bum.

“Good morning, baby.”
“Morning, love.”
“Are you actually awake?”
“Mmn, sorta. I know your hands are awake,” Julian answered.
Royce gave his butt a squeeze. “You know it baby. I had some hot dreams of you last night.”
“Mmmnn, that you turned into a demon and begged me for sex.”
Julian snorted. “Not sure if that’s a dream or a hallucination.”
Royce squeezed again. “Maybe a fantasy…you had these rams horns, which was kinda hot. I was holding them as you were riding me.”
Julian looked at Royce. “That is kind of sexy… be hard to sleep with those though.”
Royce turned on his side. “Yeah, I guess. But man, I’m still really horny, baby. I didn’t get to cum in my dream. And being greeted with the beautiful sight of you naked in the sunlight makes me feel like I’ve been hard for hours…”
Julian smirked at him from his view from the pillow. “You want my ass baby?”
“Want it so bad Julian. Want it tight and hot around me, bouncing against my hips, my face buried in your neck. You smell so good in the morning baby.”
“I do?”
“You do. And it makes me want to stroke you all over and ravish and tease you and – holy shit!”
Julian blinked. “What? What?”
“Look!” Royce turned upwards and pointed at the ceiling.
“Holy shit that’s a giant spider.”
“It’s huge!”
“What is it?” Julian asked.
“I think some kind of orb weaver…”
“Dude, fuck Florida and its spiders, seriously.”
“…What do we do? AH it moved!” Royce spazzed.
“I don’t know, it’s too high up for us to reach!”
“Fuck man, I am getting cock blocked by an arachnid right now.”
Julian laughed. “Well we could you know, go fuck in the kitchen or bathroom or something. And maybe it’ll come down later and we can evict it.”
“Let’s go into the bathroom. Fuck you in the shower and wash you in it sound good?”
“Fuck yeah it does. Love it when you wash my ass.” Julian paused. “You think the spider just wants to watch us fuck?”
“Regardless of speculation, Julian, I can’t perform is a pervert spider is watching us.”
Julian laughed. “God that’s a sentence I bet no one has ever said before.”
“Ha. Maybe. Shiiit it’s moving again. Bathroom?”
They threw off the covers and ran for it, half hard cocks bouncing.
Royce looked up. “Shit hurry I think it’s following us!”

Captions are fictional.


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