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Joseph got up to pee on Christmas morning, decided he felt awake enough, and went to go make spiced tea and bring Mike a present. When he got up stairs though, he saw Mike sleeping alone in bed with their dog and longed to join them again. He set the tea on the floor with the boxes, and crawled back into his rightful place in bed. Tea could be reheated. So could a bed.

Joseph wished he could tell his younger self that it wasn’t sad that adults didn’t get excited over Christmas like kids did. When you can buy your own toys, priority change. Besides, Joseph realized, he had everything he could ever want right there in bed with him – and he got it all year around. However, Joseph would probably not tell his younger self that having Christmas as a day off was the best time to have real good sex. Younger Joseph would figure that one out eventually.

Captions are fictional.


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