Send me nudes when you get home so i know you’re safe


Alright I laughed.

When Alex got back from the bathroom, his roommate Tina looked very guilty and was giggling to herself.
“…What. What are you laughing ab – is that my phone?”
She tossed it onto the sofa, grinning like an idiot. “No what are you talking about?”
“TINA what are you doing on my phone?”
She covered her mouth and giggled some more. “You got a text while you were peeing from your cute little boyfriend thanking you for the nice night, and he was just so cute and -”
“-You didn’t respond to him did you?”
Tina turned red and cracked up. “I am a very bad girl.”
“TINA!” Alex cried, diving for his phone. “What did you DO?” He checked the text messages:
Trevor: I had a wonderful time this evening. You are fun to be with, and you looked so sexy in those jeans. It’s gonna be a lonely long drive home. 🙁
Alex: I loved spending time with you tonight too.

Alex’s jaw dropped, “TINA RENEE COHEN you SENT this to him??”
She was wheezing now. “I am so so sorry, but I’m drunk and I just couldn’t not send it.”
“Oh my god, what am I going to do. Also – for sho? Seriously? I do not talk like that, babe.”
More giggling.
Alex sent off a correction: Hey, uh, so apparently Tina wrote that when I was in the bathroom. I’m so so sorry. Also I never ever say fo sho.

The delay in response stressed him out and Alex began to pace. Finally, the phone chimed.

Trevor: Hey sorry for the delay. Can’t text while driving you know. I stopped at CVS on the way home and saw this. At first I was offended, but then I kind of laughed. It was such a random and pervy thing to say.
Alex: I’m seriously sorry. I don’t want you to think you’re just a piece of ass to me.
Trevor: Does that mean you don’t want nudes at all then?
Alex: …..
Alex: ….Well I mean…
Trevor: LOL Let you know when I get home safe 😉
Alex: Please get home safe.

Tina spoke up from the sofa. “What? What did he say? You’re smiling.”
Alex grinned,”You might have gotten me dick pics.”
“Oh ho, the straight women strike back!” She punched a fist in the air.
“I am going into my room.”
“Uh huh,” Tina said, looking smug.

Alex scurried to his room, and waited. Twenty minutes later, Alex got a Myspace angle picture of Trevor sitting on his bed with his legs crossed. He was naked and even in the dim light, his cock was plainly visible. Trevor kept his hair closely cropped. Bold, but tasteful. Just a boy in bed.
Trevor: Home safe.
Alex swooned onto his own bed. “I love how dark your cock is, compared to the rest of you. So sexy.”
Trevor texted in return a series of emojis that were
blushing: The guy I tried dating before you didn’t like it…
Alex: Fuck him. He doesn’t deserve you.
Trevor: 🙂 You’re sweet.
Alex: Here hold on a second, I’m returning the favor.
He sent a picture of him sitting naked with legs open,
reflecting in the mirror on the wall across from his bed.
Trevor:  Wow… you’re hung like a model. And your abs, too man. Damn.
Fuck, I want to explore you…
Alex: How would you do it?
Trevor: I would hold you like this…
A picture popped up of Trevor’s hand wrapped around his shaft.
Alex: Fuck you’re such a tease, I can’t see much of it…
Trevor: I would move it up and down, pressing kisses up your thigh..

At that moment, Alex realized there was no going back from this. He reclined back onto the pillows and began to stroke himself, but realized he couldn’t texted properly with one hand.
Alex: Can I call you?
Trevor: Call me.
Alex fumbled to dial the phone.
“That photo you sent was super hot,” Trevor said. “I love uncut guys.”
Alex blushed. “Well you can play with me all you want.”
“I want to… I wanted to since I met you. But I wanted to establish a real relationship with you first.”
“Aww, Trevor,” Alex said, “That’s really sweet. I kind of feel the same way. You know? I just… I mean I really want you. Especially right now.”
Trevor chuckled. “Are you jerking off?”
Alex didn’t know how to respond to that. “Are you?”
Trevor replied, “Only if you are.”
Alex groaned. “Fuck. Well, I am… thinking of you holding my cock like that and just pulling slowly until I go insane…”
Trevor snickered. “You would be squirming in an instant. I wouldn’t let you off easily. Make you really earn that orgasm…”
“Trevor, I always pegged you for a bottom, but now I’m not so sure.”
Trevor scoffed. “Oh I am. Just one that likes having my way.”
“Fuck, now I’m definitely jerking off.”
Trevor laughed. “I wish it were me.”
“Me too…”
“Are you hard right now?”
“Rock hard.”
“Is your cock straight?”
“Nah it kinda curves a little, right over my hip…”

The dirty banter continued for a good half an hour, until Alex’s wrist and fingers ached and his stomach hurt from clenching during the orgasm. He was panting into the phone, which was on speakerphone next to his bed. Alex was about to ask Trevor if he came when he heard a loud, “oh FUCK me!” and a hiss through clenched teeth. “Fuck fuck…just…fuck … nnng…”
“Yeah milk it out baby. Milk your dick,” Alex purred. “Wring yourself dry, babe.”
“I am I am. Feels so good…I can’t move.”
“I wish I were there,” Alex lamented.
“Next time,” Trevor said, sounding tired.
“Here,” Alex said. He took a photo and sent Trevor a shot of his belly splattered in cum.
“I just got it. You shot far. You’ll like what I’m sending you in return…”
“Can’t wait.”
When Alex got the selfie of Trevor licking his own seed off his hand, he gasped. “Fucked, that’s going in the spankbank forever! Oh fuck, you are so sexy and slutty, I love it.”
Trevor laughed. “I only get this way when I’m horny. As soon as this afterglow wears off I’ll be super embarrassed.”
Alex: “Don’t be. Own it.
Trevor: “I’m trying to learn how. Fuck. I just got super tired. I’m gonna hang up so I can clean up ok? Text me.”
Alex: Will do. Good night, Trev.
Trevor: Good night.

When Alex came out of his room for a snack, Tina was watching TV and eating from a tub of coconut ice cream.
“…Well you were in there a while,” she stated.
Alex jumped on the sofa and squeezed Tina in a hug. She squeaked. “Alex!”
“Thank you so much. Because of you, a boy showed me his penis and it was awesome.”
Tina laughed. “You’re welcome. Penis is pretty awesome isn’t it?”
Alex stole the spoon. “It really is. But seriously no more playing match-maker ok?”
Tina thought. “Ok fine. But give me back the spoon ok?”
Alex smirked. “Haha nope.”

Captions are fictional.


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