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“Oh there you are, how are the girls?”
Johnnie smiles and puts the eggs in the basket by the sink. “Martha is still jealous that Henry’s picked Samantha, but Samantha’s molting, so perhaps the tides will still turn.” He washed his hands. “Georgia, however, didn’t want to get out of her nest and slept through me disturbing her.”
“My goodness. What a soap opera in the coop.”
“Oh indeed.”
I put a piece of toast on a plate. “Ow hot. Sit, your toast and tea are ready.”
Johnnie sits and yawns. “Thank you. Gosh, there’s so much to do today,” he says.
“Mm, there is, but I find it exciting.” I set the plate in front of him and turn back to the eggs on the counter. “Raw land. So much potential.”
“We’re gonna make a home out of it,” Johnnie replies. He sounds sleepy, but pleased with himself.
“We are. A nice home in the country, what more could a man want?”
Johnnie lifts the corner of his mouth. “Well, spread for one thing.”
I set an egg back down and look over my shoulder. “Did I forget the marmalade?”
“You did.”
“Oh silly me, sorry Johnnie.” I open the fridge and bring the pot forward. Always marmalade for Johnnie. Our neighbor a mile down the road makes a variety of jams and jellies for local sale, and Johnnie is hooked on the orange stuff.

I set the pot on the table. “There you go,” I say. “You know how to use it?”
Johnnie chuffs through his nose. “I think I do.”
“Well,” I reply, “We should be certain.” I crouch down next to him.
“What are you doing, silly?”
I wrap my hand around his own. “First, you pick up the knife – like this. And be careful, it’s sharp you know.”
Johnnie scoffs and rolls his eyes. “You are so silly.”
“And then we kind of just…dip it in, like that. Hold the jar now. Good. Then we put it on the bread and kind of…move it back and forth… “
The marmalade is not quite going on the bread though, because Johnnie is looking at me. First, it’s a look of absurdity with one eyebrow cocked. But then his eyes sort of lose focus and his expression softens. My thighs are starting to burn from crouching, but his pouty lower lip is a fine distraction, and I find myself getting kisses for breakfast.
“MMnnn…mmnn….” My attention slips and my hand falls right on the toast. Our sweet kiss breaks apart when the plate clatters from the uneven distribution of weight, the knife falling to the table. “Oh! Oh, I got some on my finger.”
Johnnie giggles. “You don’t know how to spread marmalade on toast either, you imposter.”
That makes me giggle back. “
Now see here. I am quite capable, thank you. You tricked me by kissing me, and that was not very nice.”
“I kissed you? You kissed me,” Johnny insists. “I am innocent. I just want to eat my toast, drink my tea, and start my day but you had to go make a mess…” He takes hold of my hand and bring it to his slightly swollen lips. I watch, eyes wide, as he licks my finger with that little cat tongue. My cock hardens between my legs as he wraps his lips around my digit. “Oh god, Johnnie!” I gasp. I can’t bear the weight and fall down on my ass.
Johnnie gives me this sexy, coy smirk. “Well look at you, you’re just a mess. You’re on the floor now. We still haven’t finished spreading the toast.”
I swat him on the thigh, then use his muscular leg to help myself up. “Goddammit, you have approximately thirty seconds to finish your toast, because that’s how long it’s going to take me to get the lube.”
Johnnie’s eyebrows go up. “Right now?”
I point to the hallway where our bedroom is. “Right now.” I throw my shirt on the table. “Be right back.” I run to the secondary bathroom to grab the lube. Our master bath is still under renovation.

In the early morning sun, I undress my husband and spread him out on our bed. I settle between his legs and place a hand on his sternum. I pause before penetration to gift his mouth with bruising kisses, and Johnnie tangles his fists in my hair. Our coupling becomes a simple, intimate act, nothing fancy, nothing freaky. Just me arching over him, panting and sweating as I thrust in and out of the best, tight warmth. I slept with three other boys before I met Johnnie, and that night I knew that was the one I wanted for the rest of my life. The one I wanted to be inside forever.

The orgasm washes over us after sometime, and when we’re done hollering, we both go limp, entangled in limbs.
“Wow,” Johnnie says.
“Wow,” I agree, gasping.

Neither one of us mean to fall asleep. We wake up, overheating from being bathed in the sun. Johnnie groans and stretches, naked and sticky. “What time is it?”
I yawn and lift my head to see the nightstand clock. ”10:31.”
“Aw hell,” Johnnie sighs, rubbing his face with both hands. “We still have so much to do today.”
“Yeah, seriously. But I mean, we’re gonna get nothing done today.”
Johnnie turns to look at me. “Why not?”
“Did you see how long it took us just to put marmalade on toast?”

Johnnie throws his head back and rolls on the bed with laughter. Soon, I’m laughing too. Not just at my joke, but out of happiness, because I realize this is the first morning we made love in our new home. There will be hundreds if not thousands more like this, as we live the rest of our lives together.

Captions are fictional.


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