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“Damn, I had no idea your boss could dance like that.”
“It’s kind of freaking me out. Lieutenant Cranky is actually smiling.”
“Oh come on, it’s funny. Everyone’s having a good time.”
“Yeah…they are. It’s been a fun day.”
“I’m totally drunk right now.”
Tom laughs and pats Rick on the chest. Rick squeezes his arm.
“You had fun huh?”
“Yeah. I’m all funned out.” Rick pauses. “I can’t believe we’re actually married.”
“Yeah, me neither. Hasn’t really set in yet.”
“I know what you mean. Been a long time coming.”
“Yeah,” Tom agrees.
wanna sneak up to the hotel room, order some Thai food, and try to have
sex although we’ll just pass out on top of each-other totally
exhausted; and then wake up in the morning with a terrible taste in our
mouths, shower, and have incredible sex as a married couple and barely make our
flight to Bali?”
Tom laughs. “I’m not sure if that’s an offer or if you’re seeing into the future.”
“A little bit of both,” Rick answers.
“Cause Thai sounds amazing. I mean, the food at the reception was good too, but we barely got to eat any of it.”
“Yeah seriously. So it’s a deal?”
“Done deal.”
“Good. Now help me up, or I’m gonna stay here forever.”
“Whatever you want, hubby.”
“Ok, first rule of our marriage. You are never calling me that again.”
Tom laughs. “I already know I’ve made a good choice in marrying you.”

Captions are fictional.


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