Are there any authors that have the same content as you, that you would suggest viewing?



Dear Lassie:

What are you, a fucking Collie?

To answer your question: Fuck No. There are no authors with the same content as mine – my fucking content is unique, as everyone knows.

Jesus – kids these day. Get a clue.

Thanks for reading and thanks for sperming.

Bad Dad

P.S. There ARE, however, a fuckin’ boatload of authors on this site that consistently get my cock hard, my balls churning and my spew spurting. Some of their stuff overlaps thematically. Some doesn’t. But all of ‘em – ALL – are worth getting to know. They are – in no particular order (except Bill Drake who is always on Top), as follows:

1.  @drakestories. That fucker is the Daddy of us all. (Plus he’s featuring me right now. But even if he weren’t, he’d be first. Because … fuck, dad – just because.)

2.  @a4f101. That’s my bro – he’s encouraged my ass from the beginning. You won’t find a more literate perv on line. And that fucker can write a sloppy faced kiss like no other. Plus, his most recent effort just blew my balls off. (Seriously – the story was so hot the fucker neutered my ass right in mid stroke.)

3.  @graybeards. A personal favorite of mine. Hands down one of the dirtiest motherfuckers on tumblr. He writes ‘short’ better than any other dude I know. Plus he gets to that deep dark place that we’re all afraid of … but that we can’t deny.

4. @charliessmut. His actual smut is on blogspot, but the fucker is a Master. Big Bro’s Girlfriend deserves classic status in my opinion. And he’s working on another joint now about a pervy top dad and his desperately dick-crazed son that’s right up there with the best. You can’t go wrong with Charlie – and he’s got hours of content that you can sperm over.

5.  @br0b8. This is Natty Soltesz. Pervy fucker. Does this for a living. You can wallow for days in his spermy-werds – and you can buy whole collections from him. You’ll be glad you did – wallow or buy. (Or both.)

6.  @undietales. A favorite of my Bro’s. Never a dull moment over at that perv’s site.

7.   @roughrawready. This is a new kid on the block. At least for me – I took a break last year and when I came back, this big fucker was churning out fuck-smut like you wouldn’t believe. Go to this link for his current opus. If you don’t cum, you’re dead. (Seriously – call the morgue. It’s over for you if “Anthem” doesn’t twitch your stick.)

8.  @mightymeatycock is another new kid on the block, at least as far as I’m concerned but what the fuck do I know? I’m clueless sometimes. Still I like what the kid is slinging. It’s a lot of … well … mighty meaty cock. (Great fucking caption writer, too.)


So fucker … that should get you started. Eight fucking links.

What am I, your fucking librarian?

And now? You can suck my cock.

(Anyone else got some sites to throw in? Message me.)

This is the funniest recommendations post I’ve ever read lol

Here some suggestions for you guys.


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