Imagine the Subby Horniness


I recently saw a notice from this chastity post, and realized I never posted a follow up. That time, I thought a few days were a LOT. In the meanwhile, under careful guidance, support and teasing, I’ve been exploring this kink further. Allow me to take you with me on this trip.

Imagine being locked up for a month. Your needy cock locked up, denied. No key within reach, it’s out of your control. You try to remember that wonderful feeling of jerking off, but it has become a distant memory. In fact, just touching your own cock has become… unfamiliar. Just like the feeling of a real orgasm.

Sure, you can still imagine stroking your cock, fantasize about the feeling. But it’s just that, a fantasy. You look up to your Sir, standing before you, in control and with a satisfied smirk on his face. He’s enjoying your predicament. He likes seeing the need in your eyes, the desperation and begging. And that’s why you’re doing this; for him. Although your body is yearning for a touch down there, behind the cage, you cannot deny how hot this is. Being his needy boy, doing this to satisfy him, to please him and make him happy. It’s not (only) to satisfying your own kinky needs, it’s about sharing this horny energy, and giving him the control over your pleasure. And he will take care of you.

He traces his fingers along your sensitive body. Being denied this long, every feeling is magnified. Just feeling his fingertips near your nipples is enough to make you strain in your cage. A light touch on them is enough to make your knees weak and start begging for more. You look into his eyes, pleading for more. You don’t even care what he does, as long as he does it. His fingers leave your body, and you moan in desperation.

A piece of rope is wrapped around your body, binding your arms on your back. Over and around, tightly holding you in place. You feel the horny submissiveness taking you over. Your thoughts begin to fall apart. “You’re my toy, mine to enjoy, mine to use as I please” and his voice drags you down into submissiveness.

You feel something familiar caress your buttocks, a light touch of strands. The first hit of the whip strikes. A light sting, not painful, but enough to entice you. Then the second, it drags you down in your submissiveness. Your mind becomes clouded; you strain in your cage. But all that’s on your mind is pleasing him, and waiting for the next hit. He picks up the pace, and with his words and whip, he consumes your mind. You’re only focused on him; he has taken complete control over your body and thoughts. Then you smell your own horniness, as he gives you a taste of your leaking cock.

You’re caught off guard, as he unlocks your cage. You feel your cock growing harder. Oh, that feels good. But you’re not sure what’s going on. You can’t see what he does next, but you feel… something around your cock. It’s not stimulating, and it confuses you. You wait for a few minutes, but nothing happens. You slowly go soft, and then wrapping leaves you. That’s it.

Then suddenly, his fingers are back again. Teasing your body, massaging and pinching your nipples. Tracing down to your growing cock. He nearly touches you down there, and you feel your body moving towards him. You’re down again in that hazy submissiveness. He uses your body like a toy, like an instrument, for his pleasure. There’s nothing you can do about it, but submitting to his control, his teasing and his temptation. Then he starts teasing your cock, first lightly. He makes you crazier than before, and switches to a vibrating wand. You’re overwhelmed with desire, you want to shoot, and you need to shoot… but not yet. It’s just enough to make you lose any form of thought. Just a little bit more, it’s been so long, please Sir. But no, he is in control, and you know it.

At the end of the session, after delicious warm cuddles, he locks you back up. As he gives you a glass of water, he has one more surprise for you. That weird feeling around your cock in the middle of a session? It was a mold to clone your own locked up cock. A dildo made in your image. “Now you can go fuck yourself with this,” he adds teasingly with a smirk. And as you pick it up, it feels so familiar, oh what a mindfuck!

So… this was not some fantasy, this is what happened to me a while ago… well, to be completely honest, the ending was a little bit different, my imagination took over here. The cloned cock needed a day in the mold to harden, and I did get to shoot my load in the end… by accident ^_^“

I’ve discovered chastity as something that you don’t just do for your own horniness and kinky curiosity. It’s something to share your horny energy, and giving away control to him, to make him happy as well.

Hope you enjoyed this little story.

Saber writes erotica. Saber does a good job.


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