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Question for my fellow gay fiction writers ( @allbecauseoftheboys @meoutletme @benashvilla). When you guys write erotic scenes, outside of experience, do you ever use porn for blocking/choreographing a scene?

Aw, thank you for tagging me. Well, as you can tell from looking at my Tumblr, I tend to write captions based on pictures. As in, the picture prompts the story. I try not to think of captions without pictures, because finding a picture to match can be a really long and annoying process.

For longer works, I tend to use a variety of sources for erotic scenes. One of course, is porn, but porn is not realistic. It’s hot, but porn is not real. Guys need to be stretched, guys need to be clean, guys need to use lube, and not every gay guy likes anal or can take a big dick. I think realism makes a scene more believable, so I’ll often piece together a scene from both porn and real life. I read /r/gaybros on Reddit, watch gay films, Youtube channels on gay topics (bump to Watt’s the Safeword), blog articles, etc. However, Tumblr is like the best source. There are so many guys doing amateur porn, posting their own naked selfies, telling their own sexy stories. I read their writing, look at their pictures, see what they’re wearing, where the scenes take place, the expressions on their faces… that’s all real. You ever watch the way Castro Kinky plays with his boys? The expressions on their faces are real.

So I think meshing both together creates the best scenes. Or at least, that’s what I try and go for. Sure, they may fuck like rutting dogs in heat, but they’re gonna joke about wet sheets afterwards and complain about doing the laundry. And seriously – when was the last time you watched porn, and the top made sure the position worked for the bottom and took time to make sure he was comfortable?


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