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Damn that’s a nice bathroom

“Goodness, you’re a cutie. I bet someone just left their gate open. You’re locked, and someone clearly cares about you.”
“I called the number on your tag and left a message. Looks like you’re staying here for the time being. Here’s a jockstrap for you to play with, and I”ll bring you some bedding for a nice rest ok?”
“Oh you’ll need water too. And a snack.’
The tail began to wag. “Arf arf!”
“Good boy. Sit. Stay. Ok I’m closing the door now. Now right back.”

The pup was settling in some roast beef slices and some water when my phone rang.
“Hello?” I asked.
“Uh hi, you called me? You have my boy there?” the anxious voice replied. “You left me a message, about PB?”
“Oh! Yes. Yes I did. I found him wandering around the neighborhood in the rain. He’s here.”
“Oh thank god,” the  man said, with an exhale. “My name’s Nate.”
“Keshawn,” I answered.
“Thank you so much Keshawn. My boy has really severe anxiety and PTSD. I’ve been training him to go into pup mode during panic attacks. Seems like he had one…”
“Wow,” I said. “That seems like a very clever way to deal with that. I was right, you do care about him a lot.”
Nate exhaled again. “I definitely do. I love PB so much. Sometimes when he had an attack he has to go on walks to clear his hand, but he has a terrible sense of direction and often gets lost. Seems he got lost while still in pup mode. I came home to find the door unlocked. I’m so glad you called, I was sick with worry.”
“It’s alright, it’s alright. I gave him some deli meat and some pillows and he’s hanging out in my bathroom.”
That made Nate laugh. “Oh I bet he loved that. What’s your address?”

I gave it, and Nate said he was only a mile away. He was there in record time, and PB went nuts loving up on his handler. Nate had to sit down because he was being bowled over, and PB crawled all over him, licking and headbutting him. It was adorable as hell.
“Aww he missed you.”
“I missed him more.” Nate wrapped him in a hug.
“Yesh I did. Yesh I did.” Nate gave his boy a scritch behind the neck and looked up at me. “Can I get you anything in return?”
“Oh money isn’t needed.”
“Nohting at all?”
I thought. “Weeeelllll. I really want a boyfriend, if you could recommend someone? I mean not to be crass, but Grindr has been so dry lately you know?”
Nate nodded. “I get what you mean. Nothing like screwing everyone in your vicinity and seeing them at the post office the next week.”
I laughed. “You do get what I mean! Only for me it was Trader Joes.”
“Happened to me too!” I smiled. I had a feeling I was making a friend.
“Yo, Keshawn, I know a guy who just got back from working abroad. Real good looking face, very witty guy. Why don’t I set you guys up on a date?”
I raised an eyebrow. “I’d love a blind date.”
“And if things go well, he does screw on first dates.”
“Ok, I’d really love a blind date.”
That made Nate laugh again.
It was a done deal. We exchanged information, and Nate left with PB.I got a text from Marcus the next day. The date went great, and he gave me a mind-blowing handjob for dessert. Two years later, we were still dating.

Pretty good return on karma for helping a lost pup.

Captions are fictional.


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