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R.I.P Nobley


Hi everybody.

First I would like to thank everybody for their kind and loving messages. I’m sorry, I can’t reply to them all personally.
There have been rumors to what happened to our dearest friend and my love @pupnobley . @allbecauseoftheboys already explained a bit, but I’d like to share my story now, as part of my mourning.

So basically Nobley died of erotic auto-asphyxation. Solo breath play. 
I found him Wednesday last week, when I got home from work. These are images that won’t fade from my mind easily, but I’m glad nobody else (especially his family) witnessed, what I witnessed back then.

Due to these ‘suspicious’ circumstances, I had to talk to the police for a couple of hours, while CSI-like people investigated Nobley. It was so hard not to talk about what happened with his parents, friends, family for over three hours.

I was angry at him, at first. Thankfully my rage didn’t last long. He doesn’t deserve anger. He was a beaken of peace in the community, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Yes, I do have questions. Why? How? I don’t think anybody can give me answers. I’m seeing a counselor to deal with these questions. Hopefully that will give me rest.

Nobley was an ambassador of sane and safe play. I can’t tell you where this came from. I know his interest in breath play and it was mutual. I had my own insecurities about breath play, as it could result into what turned into my worst nightmare.

I won’t rant too long about the dangers of solo breath play, as everybody now knows what can happen. You might be the one having fun (I’ll try to keep in mind, that at least he was having fun), but you’re leaving a world in grieve.

Finally, I would like some misconceptions to be discarded:
– We both had interest in breath play, so solo play wasn’t necessary. It is NEVER necessary in any case.
– He thought it through. I mean, he had a build-in quick-release. I don’t know why he didn’t use it, I’m not sure if I want to know. This emphasizes there is NO SANE/SAFE SOLO BREATH PLAY.

I won’t be posting for a while, but I will be checking out my Tumblr every now and then. Please respect that.

R.I.P., my love <3

Nobley’s BF has updated us with more information. Everyone needs to know this lesson and everyone needs to heed it, spread it, and share it. Sex in the real world is not a porno, or a fantasy. Actions have real consequences that hurt real lives. No man is an island. Under the water we are all connected.


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