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God what is with that guy? Why is he so hot? I mean, I’m hot and I’m jealous. His body isn’t even as toned as mine. But he’s so fucking hot. He should be a model. Or a porn star. Or both. He should be famous for sure. But if he were famous he would move away and I couldn’t watch him from my window. Man, look at him stretch… love watching him stretch and work that body. So long and lean. Such good lines. His skin tone is just beautiful.
Yeah, he’s fucking hot. God what is with me? I haven’t gotten the urge to do guys since college. This guy makes me want to fuck him though. I want to just bend him over and just…dominate him. Christ, he gets under my skin.
Hm. Would I bottom for him? I don’t really bottom, but…god maybe if he asked. He’s
that hot. I think I’d just forget how to speak English if he talked or me, or if I saw him in real life. God why the fuck is he so hot? I can’t get anything done when he’s out there on the balcony. Shit, I’m not going to get my life back until I turn him into a drooling, cummy mess. I would wreck that body. I would change the way he walks for a day. Fuck yeah. I don’t even care if he’s gay. I’m sure he’d let me fuck him. Or hump him. Yeah, I’d settle for that. Just to own that dick. That dick is mine. God, he’s so gorgeous. I’ve never met a woman that gorgeous.

Shit, my girlfriend would be really mad if she heard me say that.

Captions are fictional. Who is this man?? A knowledge reader has informed me this is fitness model Kaz van der Waard.

Thank you reader~


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