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I know you like to tease me. And I need you to tease me. I need you to remind me how lucky I am every single day.The greatest honor I have you as my boy.

Benji looks over his shoulder at his Dom. “What Sir?”
“What? What do you mean what?” Mike said defensively.
“You’re looking at me in that funny way.”
“I am not. It’s nothing. Nothing at all.”
Benji tilted his head. “Really nothing Sir? You’re smiling.”
“I’m allowed to smile. You go have fun playing basketballs with the boys ok?”
“Yes sir.” Benji gave his Dom a look of inquiry. Mike set a straight face and folded his arms. “Oohkay,” Benji said.

Benji tucked the strap of his jockstrap into his waistband, which had been peeking out. He grabbed his duffel and waved to his keeper before jogging out the door – but not before pausing for a quick kiss.
“Bye Sir!”
“Bye boy.”

Mike groaned after the door clicked shutt. “God once he finds out his ass is that cute and weaponizes it against me I am so screwed.”

Captions are fictional.


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